Anguilla Travel Guide

Anguilla in the British West Indies was one of the top Caribbean islands we had been wanting to visit mostly because of its pristine unspoiled beaches, known to be one of the best in the entire Caribbean as well as the world! I shared a bunch of posts from our trip this past week, but here’s a quick Travel Guide if you are ever planning a trip to the island.

How to get there?

Most people fly into St Martin and take a ferry over to Anguilla which is the easiest route to reach the island. But we opted to fly in to Anguilla directly via San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Basic facts before you go :

Since Anguilla belongs to the British Overseas Territory, you might need a British Visa so its best to check before you plan your trip. As for transport, we got around the island either by taxi or walking/biking close by. If you are comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road, car rentals are the way to go. I also wanted to note that Anguilla is an expensive island. I have travelled a bit and definitely rank this island as one of the most expensive ones I have been to. There are a good range of luxury to mid range resorts as well as restaurants. But prices in general are slightly higher than what we are used to here in the US. The island, resorts, beaches and food scene is absolutely spectacular. Most beaches are so empty; they don’t get the massive cruise ship crowds like St Marten or St Thomas; so you’ll almost always find a stretch of beach that you are probably the only person on! So in my opinion, for that kind of luxury and exclusivity, I can totally justify the price.

Where to stay ?

We chose to split our stay in two different parts of the island. For the first half we stayed at Cuisinart Resort on Rendezvous Bay in the South (first photo below) and for the second half we stayed at Zemi Beach House on Shoal Bay east (second photo below) .

Dress – c/o Poupette St Barth

Reversible suit : c/o Kaohs swim (similar top and bottom)

Favorite Beaches :

1 ) Shoal Bay is on the Atlantic ocean side of the island and it was undoubtedly my absolute favorite beach on the island (as well as in my list of fave beaches I have ever been to!). It was breathtakingly unreal.  On the east side near Zemi Beach there’s also fantastic snorkeling. Read more about Shoal Bay here.

White suit – Frankies Bikini from Palapa Lounge Beachwear (top and bottom)

Shoal Bay at sunset is a whole other beauty, the sky put on quite the magical show for us every night!

reversible suit : c/o KOA swim (top and bottom)

2 ) We also loved Rendezvous Bay, the sand is super soft and so white. It looked like a picture perfect setting against the aqua waters. The water is a wee bit warmer here as it was the Caribbean side, but that by no way means that the Atlantic side was cold at all, haha. All the beaches were sooo warm and inviting. Sigh! I wish Cali had warm beaches.

3) Mead’s Bay on the west was also yet another beautiful beach on the island, blues on blues on blues for days!

Dress : c/o Misa Los Angeles

4) Cove Bay and/or Maunday’s Bay. We went to Cove Bay for a sunset beach horse ride with Seaside Stables Anguilla. It was so incredible; I highly recommend you add this to your itinerary if you are headed to Anguilla. If you prefer a day ride instead the horses will take you even more into the calmer blue waters at Maunday’s Bay.

Suit – c/o Indah

5) Little Bay – Sadly we didnt have the time to get to go here, but It is supposed to be really pretty. The only way to get there is to go to Crocus Bay and take a boat over to reach this tiny little secluded beach.

Favorite cheap to mid range eats :

Some of my fave places to eat in no particular order :

1 ) Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay – finger lickin’ island bbq! With a million dollar view and pina coladas ?! Couldn’t be more perfect.

Coverup – c/o Pilyq

2) Smokey’s at the Cove on Cove Bay

3) Bamboo Beer box (drinks) + Straw hat  (delicious lunch!) on Mead’s Bay.

Top : c/o Chaser Brand ; Shorts : c/o One teaspoon from Pink Arrows Boutique

4) Uncle Ernie’s bbq on Shoal Bay. Super tanned biscuits Anush and I matching with the green shack below haha.

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