7 month home update

Better late than never, I have been meaning to do this blog post for the longest time! 2021 was one of the best years of our lives as we had 2 major life updates. First we bought our first home in April 2021 and moved in June 2021! Secondly, we also brought home the sweetest little Golden retriever puppy – Lola, in August 2021. Having a home and a dog ( in future – dogs!) is something I have yearned for for years.

Our furever family of 3! Anush, Lola and me.

After 10 years of living in a one bedroom apartment we were so ready for any upgrade ! Prior to this home search neither of us had even thought of what we wanted in a house but quickly found that we were particular about certain things and were willing to wait it out until the right house came along. But throwing ourself into this wild market was incredibly disappointing, stressful and frustrating to say the least – the insanely low supply and crazy demand, aggressive bidding wars, etc did not help at all and only made matters more difficult.It took us 4 months of grueling real estate wars in what seemed like one of the most competitive markets in the country ( apparently craziest it’s been here in Norcal since 2 decades ) to finally find what was meant to be ours! We finally said Yes to the address and found our “Tropicasa”. 

The day we got the keys to our Tropicasa!
Our home didn’t seem complete without a dog! Infact even before fully furnishing our home I was looking for a dog! If you have followed me for awhile you must know I am a huge dog lover and have been born and raised with dogs all my life. Ever since moving to the US 12 years ago owning a dog was a challenge especially due to lack of space and the constant moving. But after we got our home , our no 1 priority was a pup more than furniture even lol! The day we brought Lola home will forever be one of my favorite days of my life thus far! Follow her on Instagram @ourlovinglola for all the cute content! We are both overjoyed and so grateful for being home owners and paw-rents together for the first time and are so excited for this exciting new chapter in our lives.
So this is love!
With furniture delays and contractor backlogs it took us 6-7 months to somewhat fully furnish the interior of the house. I am still waiting on some decor ( can you believe it?! since June lol!), but I wanted to quickly share these photos as home updates with some links below in the carousel. You can always check out my Home and Lola highlights on Instagram for more.
Here is a photo recap of a few different areas in our home!
Living Area ( still waiting on our wall hanging decor!)
Lola’s favorite spot on our couch. 
Fireplace area
Dining area
Gallery wall
Kitchen Area
Guest bedroom wall decor 
Master bedroom. More in my BLOG POST HERE.
Boutique closet room – my dream project! More in my BLOG POST HERE.
My office. More in my BLOG POST HERE.
Links to some of our house furniture :
For 2022 our main goal is the outdoor yard work. We are starting a super exciting project with Yardzen later this month! Follow along on my stories for more. Here is a sneak peak at the renders :
Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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