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After living in a one bedroom apartment for over 10 years and sharing a tiny closet space with Anush, one of the many things we were both most excited for after moving to our new home is extra closet space! While Anush was happy with our spacious walk in closet in the master bedroom, I really wanted to convert one of the bedrooms to my own dream closet. We are fortunate and grateful to have so much extra space in our new home, so we wanted to prioritize having spaces like a dream closet for me , office spaces, a gym space for both of us, etc to make our home a haven for everything we need in our work and daily lives.

Choosing a closet company 

I had an entire blank canvas to work with from scratch so my first task was to choose a closet company for this project. Also because it was during covid most of these consultations were all at home and not in the showroom. I spoke to over 10 different closet companies. Inspired Closets Bay Area is owned by Bay Home and Window. They absolutely stood out from the rest to me not only because of their incredible design and quality but also due to their customer service. They are offering anyone who goes through me a 20-30% discount so if you do book them here in the Bay area, be sure to mention my name and ask for my designer Binh Ly.

Inspired Closets Bay Area by Bay Home & Window

Inspired Closets by Bay Home & Window is based in Pleasanton, California and are one of the country’s leading suppliers of custom window products and custom built-in organization systems. They are family owned, with a highly experienced team and their main goal is to provide quality products and outstanding customer service to every person who seeks their company’s assistance. And let me tell you they lived up to their promise and more, right from consultation to installation.

Infact we were so happy with them that we also got some of our window treatments from them too. We loved our incredible custom blinds that we got from them for our living room and my office.
Some of the many reasons I chose Inspired Closets Bay Area :
  • Free In-Home Design Consultation.
  • Top Quality At Wholesale Prices
  • Wide selection of materials, custom sizing and pricing.
  • Professional Design & Installation

Design Details

When our designer Binh Ly came over for the design consultation, he was so patient and took note of all my want and needs. This initial meeting is completely free so it gave us a good sense of different options, budget etc. Once he went back and worked on our project he gave us a CAD design and budget to see what our project would look like. Seeing a 3D render of our project was so thrilling. He was able to fit everything that I asked for in the design. You can also customize everything right from materials, hardware, or add/delete items in the design to better suit your budget. For instance I initially really wanted an island in the middle. But finally decided against it after the design as the space is pretty limited. I decided that I might add a movable ready made island with drawers on my own in the centre if I needed it in the future.

Here is a 3D rendering of the full design to give you an idea.

Few things I wanted were a shoe shrine, a vanity area, large drawers, etc. You can also add different add ons like jewelry drawers, scarf or belt rods, pull out laundry hampers, valet rods and more.

For materials, we went for arctic white panels everywhere, soft close for drawers, matte brass oval rods for hangings and long matte brass handles for drawers, etc.


Since they are so popular they were so far booked out so we only got a date in October! But the installation only took a day. The installation manager and his assistant were extremely efficient, diligent and so professional. They also left the place looking so clean after the job was done, we greatly appreciated that. It was so incredible to see my vision come to life on this day!

Professional Organization with Living Lite Organized

Having the closets in one half of the job done, but having to put all my things in a neat organized manner is a whole other game that I didn’t want to handle myslef. Inspired Closets introduced me to Living Lite Organized. They are a professional organization company in the Bay Area and help with home and office organization needs.

I spoke with the owner and lead organzier Joby Aranda on our first consulation visit. We went over all the things I have and spoke about what would need to go into the closet. After this she was able to give me a detailed “Action plan” which summarized the project steps from start to finish. The main goal to provide a custom organization plan for me to have order, functionality and inspiration every time I walk into my new “Glam Room”. Something I really needed since my apartment closet was literally a black hole – with so little space, so many things and zero organization. Once we locked in a committment we went over what sort of organzational solutions I would need. Joby was extremely patient with listening to what I wanted out of this and also offered amazing suggestions on how to organize details like jewelry, boots, what sort of decor to add to make my glam room fit my aesthetic best.

I gave her a Pinterest inspiration board to give her an idea of my aesthetic and organization style I was looking for. I wanted to keep the boho tropical theme going even in this room ( as it is the main theme around the rest of the house). After this we met again to go over my Space Plan, here she provided exact links on solutions for jewelry organization, countertop and wall decor, other organization tips and solutions, closet accessories, etc. She paid so much attention to detail that every thing she recommended fit my style and budget prefernces so well.

Once I gave her the okay on the shopping needs, we met for the execution and install day which just took a full day.

It was such a pleasure to work with Joby and her team on the day of organizing my closet. They were extremely efficient, diligent and got the job done in one day. And thats saying a lot cos all my stuff was so disorganized in boxes and suitcases. They came fully equipped with all the works for a clean and neatly organized wardrobe – such as closet dividers, drawer dividers, bins, storage compartments, and other decorative accents that we had previously agreed upon that match the aesthetic of my room. They also gave me tons of tips also the way on how to maintain this organization in the long run. Seeing my closet this neatly organized according to category, sub category and color was a dream come true! We also got rid of a whole bunch of stuff along the way that the team helped donate too. There is NO way I could have done this all on my own and that too to this degree of perfection! Looking back I am so happy I got the help from the best experts for this project.

Here are more photos from this fun project :


Both Inspired Closets Bay Area by Bay Home and Window + Living Lite Organized really gave me the closet of my dreams ! Seeing my space this organized and chic with this custom closet organization solution, gives me such a sense of relief. My glam room really is a haven for me, a place where I enjoy spending me time and leaves me feeling relaxed and inspired. I highly recommend them if you are thinking of closet solutions of any kind – whether it be a boutique style closet (like mine which is in a room), walk in style, recah in style etc. They have closets for every room in the house too right from the bedroom to garage to panty to garage and more. Don’t forget to mention my name for 20-30% off of your project when you book with Inspired Closets Bay Area.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo



Disclosure: I received discounts for the boutique closet design and installation, as well as for the professional organization services. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.





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