My no 1 travel essential to combat Jetlag!

There is no doubt I love traveling, but I absolutely hate Jetlag and I am sure each and every one of you can relate to this! There is literally nothing worse than planning a dream trip halfway across the world to have it ruined by horrible jetlag. I tried everything from trying to get into the destinations time schedule a few days in advance, avoiding caffeine altogether or trying to take melatonin at wrong times – only to realize that I was probably worsening my already impending jetlag!

Ever since I discovered Timeshifter – the jet lag app, my travel life has changed like never before. This post is in no way sponsored, but I love this app to death and its been a life savior since I discovered and started using it so I wanted to share it with you guys! Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, this app is so essential. Timeshifter is an award winning app that helps eliminate jetlag with personalized services. What I love the most about it and why it works – the advice is all based on sleep and circadian neuroscience; the same science that helps astronauts timeshift successfully. So yeah, it really is rocket science developed by world-renowned scientists and used by astronauts, elite athletes, and top CEOs.

So what is the science behind Jetlag? According to Timeshifter, Jet lag is a circadian disruption caused when the sleep/wake and light/dark cycle shifts too quickly for our circadian clock to keep up. And the key to quick adaptation is timed light exposure! More on this below. Once you input all details about your travel itinerary, the app generates a plan for your entire trip duration, with recommendations on many important factors.

It gives you recommendations on a few key factors such as :

  • when to sleep or take a light nap
  • when to caffeinate and when to avoid it : Enjoying caffeine at the right time can help increase your energy level while traveling, but caffeine at the wrong time can negatively impact your sleep quality and may reduce your ability to sleep. Timeshifter will tell you when you could benefit from using caffeine during your trips to get the maximum benefits, and when to avoid caffeine to avoid disrupting your sleep.
  • when to use melatonin : Taking melatonin will do two things: First, it will help shift the timing of the body clock to help you overcome jet lag more quickly. Second, it will help you sleep when you are transitioning between time zones by telling the brain to sleep at a different time than normal.
  • when to expose yourself to light (bright light or even mild light) and when to avoid it :┬áThe most impactful advice in each plan is light exposure/avoidance. The time at which you see and avoid light determines whether your circadian clock shifts earlier or later, and is critical to timeshifting your clock quickly. The right light exposure at the right time can significantly accelerate your adaptation to a new time zone. Seeing light at the wrong time will make your jet lag worse. This was such an important step I was missing especially if the flight cabin was dimmed and I was actually supposed to be in “bright light”. Using this app helped me turn on my overhead light whenever I was prompted to.

My SFO to Maldives to India Timeshifter plan in Feb 2020! This was a 4 week trip and the app saved my life!

It turns out I was doing most of the above on my own before but my timings were all messed up which is why it never worked for me. I have used the app on several long haul trips and it has worked for Anush and me so well. Most of the times we stuck to our plan for 80-90% of the time and had zero jetlag and SO much energy! I love that we were able to get the most time out of being at our destination, like for instance arriving in the early morning and still feeling refreshed and ready to explore right away! It also helped us get back into our schedules back home on our way back with minimal jetlag disruptions.

First time I tried Timeshifter on my Philippines trip in 2019, and this was literally 1 hr after landing and arriving at our resort !


How do you combat Jetlag? Have you tried Timeshifter in the past? I highly recommend it! Its free to try for your first trip too so definitely give it a try.

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