Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts : A gem in French Polynesia

  1. MELESSA says:

    LOVE,LOVE LOVE French Polynesian!!! Pearl Resorts are our favorites. Laid back and just crying out seclusion, romantic. St Regis and the Pearls (As I call them) are worlds apart. My husband and I frequent the Pearls. La Taha sister to the Pearl Beach now called Le Bora Bora since the renovations is our favorite. Before Pearl Beach renovations the bungalows were similar interior and out. We have our favorite bungalow that is reserved for us every time we go. Don’t need to check in as they have all our information on file and just go straight to our bungalow. These two resorts are made for couples to be alone. If you are looking for parties or much entertainment, may not be for you and that is why we frequent, to be alone with each other in what I call the closest thing to paradise, The Garden Of Eden. The stimulation of the senses are beyond words, more than magical, another world if you wish…An imprint you will never forget. Jyo, I share your appreciation of this beautiful part of the world and every time we look at our photos before we venture back for a visit with who we call our “Polynesian Family”, it stirs up those tactical senses of smells, sight and feelings of hugs and love we receive from the Pearl family as soon as we step foot on the property. We do not go there as tourist, we mutually consider it visiting our family… Our special place… The Pearl Resorts…

    • jyotsnacs says:

      So amazing to read about your experience and our shared love for this beautiful country! We abolutely loved Le Tahaa and Le Tikehau and are planning to visit Le Bora Bora next year! Reading your experience makes me excited for it :).

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