Tanzania : What to wear on a Safari?

Here are some tips on what I packed + essentials I carried on our luxury safari to Tanzania.

1 ) What to wear : 

It never gets really cold in Tanzania so lightweight clothing, preferably cotton or linen, is recommended. While on game viewing safari, avoid brightly colored clothing, stick to whites, beiges, khakis and browns. There may be long days sitting in safari vehicles, so it is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing such as short sleeved shirts and cotton/linen trousers or shorts. Denim will become too hot and extremely uncomfortable. Walking shoes and socks will be required for some activities. Linked some pieces HERE.

Here are a few things I packed in neutral earthy tones :

  • comfy linen jumpsuits
  • comfy cotton pants or shorts
  • layering tees and loose tie shirts
  • few casual dresses
  • 1-2 dressy options if you are staying at a luxe lodge
  • a good pair of sneakers or boots
  • a casual pair of sandals
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • swimwear ( for lodges with pools)
  • a scarf
  • a Khaki jacket
  • a light cardigan for chillier evenings ( it never got too chilly)


2 ) Other things to carry : 

Do not forget to pack these other essentials :

  • backpack or a sling bag to carry your daily essentials
  • plastic free water bottle
  • bug spray with deet 30% ( Serengeti has the TseTse fly so we made sure to keep reapplying bug spray every few hours)
  • Sunscreen
  • hand sanitizer, extra face masks, wipes, etc
  • Camera gear – camera, lens, memory cards, sd cards, etc. An essential must have on your safari is a camera and the right type of lens. Check out Borrow Lenses where you can rent specific lenses if you are a camera afficianado. And if you are not don’t worry, I was even able to capture so much with just my iphone ! Also many luxe lodges also have their own inhouse photographer that you can hire to capture professional shots of the wildlife you encounter during your safari if you dont want to take the trouble to shoot yourself!
  • binoculars if you prefer your own ; but most safari vehicles will have them for you.
  • anti allergy tablets if you are allergic to dust or pollen. Safari rides are bumpy and dusty and the tall grass in the Serengeti can have high pollen based on the season.

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