Tanzania : A Safari from the Sky with Miracle Experience

Going into this trip, we knew that a hot air balloon safari was a popular thing to do in the Serengeti ; but having done one recently in Cappadocia we didn’t initially plan on doing one here. But that changed, quickly once we arrived in the Serengeti and I am SO glad we booked a last minute safari from the sky with Miracle Experience!

Bush Sunrise at the Balloon Launch site

Infact on Tripadvisor, the no 1 thing to do in the Serengetiis a Hot Air Balloon Safari with Miracle Experience – so you would know its not just me who says that this is an absolute must do on your visit to Serengeti! This hot air balloon safari in the Serengeti with Miracle experience was one of our fave highlights from our trip and everytime I rewatch videos from our ride it gives me the chills – it was just.so.magical!


If you ever visit the Serengeti, you must add a hot air balloon safari to your itinerary! Here’s why :

1 ) seeing wildlife from this perspective is seriously something out of this world ! We spotted over 8 different types of animals – including giraffes , baboons, hippos, a leopard, elephants and so much more.

Flying over a hippo pool ! Such an epic moment!

Baboon mom and baby

So lucky to have spotted a leopard!

My favorite animals – the graceful giraffe!

We saw so many animals!


2 ) you can’t off-road in the park which means you only get to see the wildlife that’s around the roads. Seeing it from the sky gives you the opportunity to view sooo much of the park that you can’t access via roads !

Birds eye view of the spectacular Serengeti!


3 ) This birds eye perspective of the park is insane and gives you uninterrupted views of the enchanting scenery all around ! This is when you will really appreciate the vastness, magnitude and sheer magic of this place!


4 ) not only was the actual balloon ride so incredible, but the entire experience itself – landing in the middle of the park and celebrating with some bubbly 🥂 and then being whisked off to a dreamy breakfast situation in the bush was seriously such a cool experience all together!

Landing and champagne in the middle of the bush!

Dream breakfast setup in the Bush
I couldn’t recommend Miracle Experiences more! The made this entire once in a lifetime experience so memorable. The entire staff, pilot , drivers etc were so friendly and made us feel at home right from picking us up in the wee hours of the early morning to making us feel comfortable during the entire ride to hosting us and singing from us at the lovely breakfast setup in the Bush.
After your safari with Miracle you can also check out their Tanzanite store called The Tanzanite Experience at the Serengeti park visitor center if you are interested in authentic Tanzanite.
Stay tuned for my travel guides over the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo
Thank you to Miracle Experience for hosting us on our recent visit to Tanzania. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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