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Over the holidays, Anush and I took one last adventure of 2020 to the charming island of Bermuda! I have always wanted to visit Bermuda especially cos of it stunning pink sand beaches, pastel colored towns and historic charm.




Safety is definitely the most important buzzword when one looks for destinations to travel to in this era. The World Travel & Tourism Council has given Bermuda the ‘Safe Travels’ stamp. The specially designed stamp enables travelers to recognize destinations around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standardized protocols – so they can experience ‘Safe Travels’.

Here is a quick rundown of the Travel requirements to Bermuda that you would need if you plan a trip in the future :

1 ) A negative COVID-19 PCR test result. The test must be taken within 5 days prior to travel.

2 ) Mandatory travel Insurance which covers COVID-19 medical costs and full hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescriptions and air ambulance.

3 ) You would need to upload your negative results and a completed online health screening questionnaire on the Bermuda Government website no less than 24 hours before departure. After you submit this you will be issued a Travel Authorization form without which you cannot board the flight. This costs $75 per adult and $30 per child.

4 ) Once you land you will have to undergo a second PCR test at the airport, after which you need to quarantine in your hotel room till you get results. (usually 10-24 hours).

5 ) Depending on how long your stay is you need to take additional tests on day 4, day 8 and day 14.

6 ) Travellers also need to wear a wristband that will be issued to them upon arrival and pack a thermometer so that you can monitor and report ypur temperature twice daily.

7 ) Masks and social distancing at all public spaces. Indoor dining isn’t allowed for visitors outside of their place of accommodation (until day 4). Outdoor dining is allowed.

For more details and updates, check out this website here.


Dreamy pink sands of Bermuda



The charming little island of Bermuda is located in the Atlantic and technically isn’t the Caribbean. Infact having been to the Caribbean over 10 times I can vouch that Bermuda had a totally different vibe than any of its Caribbean cousins. Due its location I would also consider it sub tropical, it only gets super warm in the summers and has a mild balmy winter season. The string of islands that make up Bermuda are surrounded by treacherous reefs making it an incredible diving destination.

From its pink sand beaches, pastel colored homes, stately mansions and lush greenery – Bermuda truly felt like the perfect mix of rural England charm meets tropical island vibes! Driving through the quaint back country roads of the island reminded me of so much of exploring the English countryside and it was so divine. If you are an art and history buff – you would love Bermuda’s many museums, forts and galleries; if you love nature and being active – you would love trail hiking, golfing, diving, etc and if you are a beach connoisseur like I am – you will fall head in heels over its perfect blush toned beaches! Its a great destination for families, couples or friends. Bermuda truly is a unique charming island and has something to offer for everyone.

Bermuda is also a super easy flight from NYC and the east coast in the US. You’ll find daily and seasonal nonstop flights to Bermuda from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. It is just a 90-minute non-stop flight from NYC. From major travel hubs on the U.S. East Coast, you can get out to the island in under 3 hours. From London, it’s about a 7-hour flight.




Visas : Many countries do not need a visa to enter Bermuda, including US and UK. Even if you have a multiple entry US visa (any nationality) , you would not need a visa for Bermuda, as long as you have 45 days validity on your current visa. Rules might change so please check with the Bermuda consulate before planning your trip.

Currency : USD is accepted everywhere.

Electricity : US sockets were available everywhere, so we had no trouble.


Bermuda from the sky!



Bermuda doesn’t experience the heat of the Caribbean (it’s about 1,000 miles north) or the chills of London or the northeast U.S. You’re looking at a 65 degree average in January, 67 in April, 80 in July and 75 in October. June through August brings southerly breezes, which makes evenings delightful. This is an outdoor destination year-round. The difference between water and air temperatures averages 2 degrees. Its sub tropical climate offers comfortable temperatures year round, from mid 60s in the winter to mid 80s in the summer. That being said the high season is from May to October where you will have great weather for the most part; but prices are also much higher. Shoulder months of March and April would be a great compromise too in terms of mild weather and better prices. We went in December which was the off season. While the water was too cold to get in to at the beaches, what I loved is the lack of crowds everywhere! We had some of the most popular beaches all to ourselves which was such a dream!



Since renting cars aren’t allowed for tourists, I would recommend renting a scooter or an electric car like we did to explore the beautiful island. We rented a “Twizy” from Current Vehicles when we were on the island. This little twin+easy vehicle was so fun to drive around and was perfect for the two of us.

So much fun exploring in my Twizy!



Hamilton Princess Bermuda

Ideally I think 4-6 days is great for a trip to Bermuda. We did 4 nights and it was perfect. During our time on the island we stayed at the iconic Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club aka the Pink Palace or the Princess Hotel. This beautiful hotel is so quintessential Bermuda and had the perfect mix of historic splendor meets modern luxury and of course my favorite part about it – all the buildings in the property are the prettiest pastel pink. It has been a favorite of royalty and other prominent socialites for generations, and even today it surely feels like you are treated like royalty during your stay here. It truly is the crown jewel of the island of Bermuda!

Princess Beach Club

While the resort isn’t located at the beach, it has its own private beach club at Sinky Bay on the South Shore, just a quick 20 minute ride away. They offer a complimentary shuttle to the beach and back on the regular too. This dreamy cove at the Princess Beach Club is absolutely picture perfect and probably one of my fave spots on the island. So many fun things to do here to spend the day – relax in the hammocks in the water or on land, snorkel, paddle board, play tennis, rent a beach cabana or simply find a dreamy spot like this to soak it all in. Read more about our stay in my blog post HERE. 




You can go to heaven if you want to. I’d rather stay in Bermuda.” – Mark Twain

Exactly how I felt when I stepped foot on Bermuda’s stunning pink sand beaches ! This was one of the main reasons Bermuda was always on my list. The contrast of the turquoise water and white wave foam against the pink sands was literally my dream color palette. While most of the gorgeous pink sand beaches are on the south, the island has beautiful beaches all around. Bermuda ‘s miles of pristine coastline are dotted with crescents of pink sand, dramatic rock formations and hidden dreamy coves like this. Here are some of my faves, save this for when you visit the island :


1 ) Warwick Long Bay 

My personal favorite beach! A long pink sand beach with the most incredible views all around.


2 ) Jobson’s Cove 

Right next to Warwick Bay, this little cove is so magical. If you go here early enough, you will probably have it all to yourself like we did.


3 ) Horseshoe Bay

The most popular beach on the island and one of the best beaches in the world! The view from above the rocks on the far right of the beach is truly spectacular. Please use caution to climb these rocks if you choose to go. There are several signs that say to keep off the rocks, but we saw many people going and the climb was fairly easy with a good pair of shoes.


4 ) Stonehole Bay

Right next to Horseshoe is this dreamiest little bay!


5) Sinky Bay (only open to guests of the Hamilton Princess)

If you are staying at the Hamilton Princess, you will have access to this beautiful private beach club. Hammocks in the water anyone?!


6) Cooper’s Island

Away from the popular south shores, Cooper’s Island is a pristine nature reserve with those dreamy Robinson Crusoe vibes and is a great place to spot seabirds, giant land crabs and ancient Bermuda cedar trees.

7) Tobacco Bay

An easy visit from St George’s Parish. We went here for sunset.


8) Other beaches on the south shore : Astwood Cove, Elbow beach, Hidden beach, Chaplin Bay


9) Ely’s Harbour


10) Somerset Long Bay



PC : Sail Bermuda // James Doughty

To discover and explore all the little islets and tropical spots outside the main island you would need to charter or boat or go on a boat tour. Bermuda is also an incredible diving destination so going on a snorkeling/diving tour is a must if you are an enthusiast. We had to unfortunately cancel out boat tour on the day we planned for it due to rainy weather. We had booked it with Sail Bermuda and I highly recommend them if you are visiting the island! They have many tours to choose from.

There is so much to do on the water from sailing , whale watching, diving, snorkeling and more. Summer would be the best time to visit to make the most of being out in the water.



St Peter’s Church

Step back in time as you stroll the centuries-old brick streets of the Town of St. George, Bermuda’s former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The well-preserved historic town and nearby fortress make St. George’s and the East End a haven for British colonial architecture, history and culture. Don’t miss out visiting St Peter’s Church, the Unfinished Church as well as all the cobbled streets filled with the cutest shops and pastel colored homes.

The charming and colorful St George’s Parish

Loved all the quaint alleys, pastel buildings and cobbled streets.

The beautiful Unfinished Church



Postcard perfect views at Flatts Village

The cutest sleepy little village halfway between Hamilton and St George. Flatt’s village has dreamy vistas of palm trees, pastel colored homes and fishing boats making it the perfect “postcard from Bermuda”. There are also lots of delicious eateries here.



  • Crystal Caves
  • Blue Hole Park
  • Check out this website for more inspo.


Also here are some sample itineraries to follow for your travels to Bermuda.



1 ) Crown and Anchor at Hamilton Princess

Try their southern bbq saturdays! A pre fixed tasting menu with yummy apps, main course and desserts served in small tapas style. You can also try their afternoon high tea here !


2 ) Duchess Cafe at Hamilton princess

Their speciality shakes are to die for!


3 ) Village Pantry (Flatts village)

Everything on the menu looks so good here! Loved the Bermy fish sandwich here.

4) Wahoo’s ( St George’s)

A must visit for the best seafood in town. Loved the Bermuda Triangle!

5) Other places on my list :

  • Woodys or their fish sandwich
  • Arty mels for their fish sandwich
  • Cafe ole
  • Seaside grill
  • Bermy eats
  • Baxter pies
  • Generosas cuisine
  • Sweet Saak Bakery



  • Clothing : swimwear, casual dresses, tees + shorts, a few dressier options for evenings, sandals, sneakers, a good pair of water shoes , etc.  Check out my resortwear essentials in this blog post.
  • If you are travelling to Bermuda in the winter like we did – definitely pack a light jacket, light knits to throw on over shorts in vase it gets breezy. It gets mildly cold in the evenings especially so its good to be prepared.
  • Accessories : a travel backpack/beach tote, sunglasses, straw hat, etc
  • lots of reef safe sunscreen.
  • and of course we live in a new COVID era – so pack extra face masks, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes. etc
  • For a list of other travel essentials I never travel without check out this blog post.
  • Here is also a great guide on what to wear and pack for a trip to Bermuda, season by season.

Here are some outfits I packed on this trip :



We couldn’t get enough of Bermy’s Pink Sand Beaches!

And its unreal coves – so “Bermudaful”!

Happy as clams !

The Hamilton princess boasts to have over 100 pieces of stunning modern art !

The towns of Bermuda boast of rural England charm ..

and all the tropical vibes! How picture perfect are these vistas!

Thanks for the memories Bermuda!


Hope this guide helps you plan a trip to Bermuda in the future. Thanks for stopping by.












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  1. What an exemplary and beautiful expose on Bermuda! We think you did a masterful job of capturing what makes Bermuda such a unique destination. As as thank you – we would be honored to send you our “Bermuda at home” kit. One of our Pink Sands candles and a poster that reflects your experiences there. We will leave our contact email below, please provide the address of where we can send the gift and we would be delighted send you a little bit of Bermuda in appreciation. Thank you for helping share Bermuda with the world. It is our mission too!
    Safe future travels & all the best…

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful adventure! We’ll be visiting in September with two little ones. I was wondering if you could share your experience with all of the testing. I understand the day 1 test is done straight at the airport but the day 4 test is in the town. How well organized is this process? Was it a long wait? I’m just trying to anticipate how difficult/easy this will be to accomplish with a 1 and a 4 year old! And then before you leave the hotel, is the departure test also well organized? Thanks so much in advance for your help. It’ll really help this mama out!

    1. How exciting ! You will have the best time. Yes the day 1 test is done at the airport. We actually left on day 4 so unfortunately I dont know how the day 4 test is done. From what I know they give you all the instructions on where to go for your test?
      For the departure test – when we went the US did not need a test to retun back. So its best to speak to your hotel to book your return test and ask them how the procedure goes. Hope that helps.

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