What’s in our Camera Bag ? List of all our travel photography gear

Since starting my blog a couple of years back, Anush and I have definitely come a long way at being total newbies at photography to learning it and becoming comfortable to the level we need for creating high quality content for brands. Having the right camera, lens and other helpful photography gear has certainly helped us master the trade even better!

All the gear that is in our camera bags!

Since this is one of most asked questions I wanted to quickly share a comprehensive list of all my travel photography gear and other tips/suggestions along the way :

1 ) Camera : Nikon D850

I cannot tell you how incredible this camera is! The Nikon D850 is often touted to be one of the best DSLR’s ever made with its 45.7 megapixels to produce brilliant images up to 9 fps, and its precise autofocus gather as much light as needed for accurate, vibrant color. This Nikon DSLR camera also supports 4K movie in 60fps recording for smooth video.

It was the the first DSLR to be awarded the full 100 overall score ever by the testing lab DxOMark. The D850 sits on the top 5 of the camera leaderboard, with the full-frame mirrorless Sony a7RIII coming very close to it. The only disadvantage to it is that can be a little heavy/bulky, but honestly we are blown away with the image quality of this camera that we don’t seem to mind the weight.

Tips :

  • Want something lighter? Check out the Sony a7RIII its way more compact and known to be amazing too! I have not personally tried it out myself but have other photographer/blogger friends who have this.
  • Want an entry level model or something cheaper ? The Nikon D850 is certainly pricey and wasn’t our entry level camera (we have upgraded twice in the past)! If you are looking to try something as a beginner I would suggest trying a model thats a few years older like the Nikon D610 (this is the one I had prior to the 850). You can even try getting a refurbished model on the Nikon store which is what we did.

Nikon D850 shots


2 ) Primary Lens : SIGMA art 24mm f 1.4

A good lens can really take your photography game to a whole other level. If you have to choose on where to spend your money – I would spend it on the lens and not skimp out here. While camera technology evolves over years, a good lens can last you upto 10-20 years even – so its 100% worth the investment. The Sigma Art series are truly spectacular, we have 2 lenses in this series. The Sigma art 24mm f1.4 is handsdown my no 1 fave travel lens for its great ability to capture as much of the background as possible in travel. The images always turn out so sharp and so vivid!

Tip :

  • I currently don’t own any zoom lenses but if you prefer something that is versatile and has a better range than a fixed focal length lens check out the Sigma art 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I have used this lens in the past from a friend and absolutely loved it! This is perhaps going to be my next buy ;).
  • I also suggest getting this under $20 ND filter set. We especially love it for use in harsh light.

Nikon D850 + sigma 24mm f1.4 


ND filters for Nikon


3 ) Secondary Lens : SIGMA art 35mm f 1.4

For the most part these 2 sigma lenses are our go to for travel! The Sigma art 35mm f 1.4 is superb. It has a more portrait style of look so I especially love it for outfits, streetstyle or even in travel when we have more room to work with.

Nikon D850 + sigma 35mm f1.4 


4 ) Other Lens : Nikon 50mm f1.8 and Nikon 85mm f1.8

These are the other lenses we have at home that we typically don’t travel with and I use for detail shots or fashion shots if I need something more tighter. The Nikon 50mm f1.8 is a great all rounder affordable lens for beginners!

Nikon D610 (older camera) + Nikon 50mm f1.8



5 ) Drone : DJI Mavic air 2

We are still beginners at drone content, but we are excited to learn! We just got the DJI Mavic air last year but only got to try it for the first time on our trip to Bora Bora and loved it – 4k 60fps video, HDR photos and also has focus track! The Mavic air is discontinued, so I would suggest the Mavic air 2 – a great drone for entry levelers like us. Get the fly more combo so you can get the extra batteries as well.

Shot on DJI Mavic air


6 ) Underwater photography gear : Gopro Hero Black 7 + Dome

I have always been a fan of the Gopro Hero Black 7 – its waterproof, 12megapixel and also shoots 4k video. If you want to get the split shots – half overwater, half underwater check out this globe dome for the gopro.

Tip :

  • Looking for a waterproof casing for your DSLP – check out Outex.

Go pro hero black 7 + dome (above) ; Gopro hero black 7 below

Go Pro hero Black 7 + Dome




7 ) Tripod : Joby Gorillapod

For photos of us together we always use the Joby Gorillapod and a self timer on our camera. I love that its super versatile and flexible – you can grip it, wrap it, stand it etc with its wrappable legs that allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface.

Tip :

  • The only disadvantage of the Joby is that it isn’t tall enough, so an alternative to it would be this travel tripod.

Shot with the JOBY gorillapod



8 ) Gimbal : Zhiyun Handheld Gimbal stabilizer

Ever wonder how many of your fave creators create insta stories smooth like butter? A gimbal like the Zhiyun handheld gimbal stabilizer is what you need! We love it for iphone video content.


9 ) Data accessories :

Few data accessories we never travel without to backup all our data :

10 ) Editing Software : Lightroom

I edit all my photos on the computer and only use Adobe Lightroom with our own premade presets. I also love their phone version for a quick easy edit on the phone.


11 ) Camera Bag : Peak Design

This has been our go to Camera and travel bag for years! We have 3 bags from Peak Design and we are obsessed, die hard fans of this San Francisco brand. They have a huge range of products for the camera savvy from everyday bags, travel bags, tripods, straps, pouches and more. They are so comfortable for long wear and designed so well with compartments for all your gear. We carry no 1 and 2 for our travels (Anush and I split all our gear into these bags ;)). No 3 is what we use for local shoots at home :

  1. 30L Everyday Backpack (Anush’s travel bag)
  2. 20L Everyday Backpack (My travel bag)
  3. Everyday messenger


Here is all the gear :


Other must have travel essentials I never travel without?

Check out this blog post here.


Hope this guide helps you! feel free to send me any questions you have and thanks for stopping by! xo












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