6 fave destinations in Mexico

Mexico is the easiest international destination from the US. I have been to Mexico several times and everytime I visit I fall more in love with it! In this blog post I wanted to quickly round up my top 6 fave destinations in Mexico :

1 ) CABO


In terms of easiest places to get to from California especially, Cabo is unbeatable. If you are lucky you can find incredible flight deals sometimes as low as $200-$250 RT! Check out my travel guide HERE.



If you ever visit Puerto Vallarta – you must visit the magical town of Sayulita! It is just a 45min – 1 hr drive from the town of Puerto Vallarta. Whether you choose to spend a day like I did or stay in the town for a few days you are sure to fall in love with this little Mexican town. WE stayed in Puerto Vallarta, but if we ever go back next time I am 100% staying in Sayulita!



The boho heaven i.e Tulum is one of my absolute fave places in Mexico! We only visited the town for a day during our trip to Cancun and we were utterly obsessed. A day is certainly not enough for Tulum, but since we had limited time, we only visited the town and headed over to the Mayan ruins right after. We are sure to be back very soon and stay at Tulum for atleast a week next time!



The Islands of Loreto was my first ever Mexican destination and will always be my no 1 favorite place in Mexico – cos of its authentic feel and incredible natural beauty! The beaches in the islands of Loreto completely surpassed our expectations ; so pristine and untouched. The Bay of Loreto National park is the second largest national marine park (after the Great Barrier Reef) and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has also been nicknamed as the Galapagos of the North America! Aside from the marine life we also loved the enchanting town of Loreto which was the first Spanish settlement in Baja California Sur and you can see its influence on the beautiful architecture and culture here. Loreto is so quaint and charming, it offers a real glimpse of old Mexico and features a wealth of historical monuments.



If you are a fan of all inclusives, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun have plenty of amazing ones for a great vacay!



As a serial island hopper and on a forever hunt to discover the world’s most beautiful beaches, it is no surprise that La Paz in Mexico has always been on my bucketlist. But most people haven’t heard about this hidden gem in the Baja peninsula. La Paz is a stunning destination located on the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja with the most pristine beaches, incredible marine life and charming towns that have the most authentic Mexican vibes. Check out my full travel guide here.

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