Philippines : Island Hopping in Coron

In this blog post yesterday I hashed out all the details about boat tours in Coron – kinds of boat tours, how to book them, and so much more so if you are interested in that be sure to check out that post first.

For our second boat tour, we ended up using the same private boat tour that we used as the Coron island tour that we had booked through our hotel The Funny Lion. This time we chose to do an Island hopping tour in and around Coron. Like the Coron island tour, this also has visitation fees to visit these islands, so keep cash handy (depending on which ones you choose to go to). Coron Bay has tons of incredible deserted islands, sandbars and everything that you can consider a tropical dream – all with postcard perfect beaches, white sands and blue waters. Since the islands are about 1.5 hrs away by boat from Coron port, I also found that the islands were less crowded that the attractions on Coron island. A win-win in my books cos that means private beaches for the most part!

Since ours was a private tour, we could design our own itinerary so here are the islands we chose to do :

1 ) Ditaytayan Sandbar 

2 ) Coco Beach 

3 ) Malcapuya Island

Other islands we didnt go to that you could consider – Banana Island, Bulog Dos Island, etc.


Here is a photo diary of our highlights from the boat tour :

1 ) Ditaytayan Sandbar :

The highlight of our day and one of my fave moments from the trip! This stunning sandbar is what dreams are made of! The water was so clear and warm, the views all around were to die for and of course being here with Anush was made this all the more perfect.

On magical Ditaytayan sandbar


2 ) Coco Beach :

We stopped here for an early lunch. While this is a popular spot for a lunch stop on tours; since we went earlier that the other boats we were literally the only ones here! The beach is long and lined with Coconut trees (hence the name) and has lots of cute spots to chill on like the hammocks, swings and little cabanas.

Cold cocos on Coco beach

We were the only ones here – early bird catches the “Coco”!

Delicious lunch cooked by our boat crew

More scenes from coco beach

Making friends with the cutie locals!


3 ) Malcapuya Island :

The best way to end our island hopping escapade was Malcapuya Island! It was handdown the best beaches of our entire trip. It has a long wide beach with the most breathtaking views and clear calm swimmable waters. Loved spending our late afternoon here. Also if you visit here, you can climb the hill on the far left side of the beach (left side of you if you are facing the beach) to get a view of the beach from above.

In a postcard! Picture perfect Malcapuya Island


Shop my looks from this blog post :


Stay tuned for my travel guide to Coron later this week. You can also check out our Coron island tour here.

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