7 easy beach vacations from the US

With spring here and summer around the corner, the excuse to book a beach vacation is real! I’ll take any opportunity to travel to any beach anywhere in the world, but I totally understand that sometimes time and budget is a constraint so with that in mind here are my top 5 easy beach destinations from the US (both within the US and International):


Hawaii is handsdown my absolute favorite beach destination in the US. I have been to Hawaii 7 times and to all the 4 major islands and am still not bored of this tropical paradise. When everyone asks me which Hawaiian island is my fave, its so hard to pick cos each one is so beautiful and unique in its own way. But for quick notes here are why I love each of them + my travel guides.

Big Island of Hawaii : Most diverse Hawaiian island in my opinion. You can see active volcanoes, beaches, rainforests, grasslands and even snow capped mountains! Check out my travel guide HERE.

Kauai : If you love natural beauty and adventure – Kauai is exactly what are looking for! It is undoubtedly the most beautiful in terms of natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. The Napali Coast is one of my favorite places on earth, always takes my breath away. Check out my travel guide HERE.

Maui : If beaches are your no 1 priority, Maui is the island for you! The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii. Great island option for couples and families too. We went here on our honeymoon years ago and also recently on a family trip. Check out my full travel guide HERE. 

Oahu : If you want a beach vacay but also want to be close to a city like atmosphere, Oahu is a great option. Its probably my least fave only cos Honolulu didnt really feel like I was on an island. But if you do go to Oahu, do not miss out on the North Shore which is absolutely stunning (no big buildings/commercialization like Honolulu) and the sole reason I loveee Oahu. Check out my travel guide HERE.



Miami is always a good idea! It is probably the place I have revisited the most number of times; I just love it so much. South Beach is always a fave – a great place to stroll, party, eat+drink or just beach bum.

I also recommend driving down to Key West if you have the time and enjoy long beachy drives, the overseas highway is so gorgeous. My fave Florida Key is Islamorada, check out my stay from this little isle HERE.



Mexico is the easiest international destination from the US. I have been to Mexico several times and love it! In terms of easiest places to get to from California especially, Cabo is unbeatable. If you are lucky you can find incredible flight deals sometimes as low as $200-$250 RT! Check out my travel guide HERE.


4 ) ARUBA :

I have been to the Caribbean over 10 times and its one of my absolute fave beach destinations – cos there are soooo many options. But in terms of a good deal my top 3 recommendations are Aruba, Jamaica and DR.

Aruba is the Caribbean’s most revisited travel destination and there’s no surprise why! It was certainly the most diverse Caribbean island we have been to. One half of the island is tropical and beachy while the other half is an arid desert! Also its way out of the hurricane belt so you are guaranteed good weather for the most part of the year! Planning a trip this spring/summer? Check out my things to do in my travel guide to this “one happy island” HERE.



Aruba, Jamaica ooh I wanna take ya! Jamaica is seriously one of the most chill islands I have been too – amazing beaches, amazing food, amazing music and amazing people! Its a hugee island and offers tons of different things to make your vacay perfect, catch my travel guide HERE.


Punta Cana in DR is also a fun and easy Caribbean vacay to consider from the US. Catch my travel guide HERE.


The Exumas in the Bahamas are one of my absolute fave beaches I have ever been to! Theres so many bucket list items to cross off in these little islands from swimming with pigs to swimming with nurse sharks and more! Catch my travel guide HERE.

If you are looking for other destinations, check out all my other Travel Guides here. Happy vacay planning and thanks for stopping by! xo








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