Jordan : Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib

Our third and final stop in our Jordan trip after Wadi Rum and Petra, was the Dead Sea Jordan. As I also mentioned in my previous posts I will be sharing a full detailed travel guide later this week to Jordan where I will be covering details on how to cross over (if you are going from Israel), travel tips to Jordan and our exact itinerary details so that it would be helpful when you are planning your trip to Jordan.  For our entire trip we booked a private car and driver with STI Jordan. This is the best way to get around from one place to another as a tourist in Jordan. I will touch base on this in my travel guide as well.

I have always wanted to visit the Dead Sea for the longest time, and I am so glad we got to do it this time in Jordan. It truly is a special place and a destination I urge you to add to your bucket list for various reasons that I will touch base on later in this post.

We checked into the iconic Dead Sea Spa Hotel along the hotel line, for our stay here. This 4 star hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the area (was the first hotel to be built in Dead Sea Jordan area!) and is situated right on the Dead Sea Shores and is known to have the biggest private beach of all the hotels here along the Dead Sea Jordan. It is conveniently located just an hour from Amman International airport. This spa resort offers breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and mountains around and has a relaxed laidback vibe. There are 265 rooms and suites at the resort that are all spacious, clean and fitted with basic amenities. We opted for the deluxe room and our views of the Dead Sea from our room was so stunning!

The resort grounds are beautiful and spacious. As for dining, they also have 3 restaurants and two bars on property. We loved our delicious breakfasts and dinners here everyday. They have their own farms with fresh vegetables and fruits, we loved that the food tasted so fresh!

They also have tons of other activities like a fitness centre, an aqua centre with 5 outdoor pools and a gorgeous beach area with plenty of palapas that offer views for days and some much needed shade in the sun.

Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, 420m below sea level and is actually a lake and not a sea. More importantly it is nature’s best health spa. This mineral rich lake has a plethora of benefits and is hence known to be one of the best destinations for Wellness and Health in the world and is also an upcoming Medical Destination for Alternative Health and Holistic Healing. The water in the Dead Sea has a high concentration of good salts + minerals that is super beneficial for skin, think of it like bath salts but 10x in real life ! Because of the high salt concentration, floating is literally a breeze :), Anush and I loved blissfully floating like real life rubber duckies in the salty lake.

The mud is an elixir by itself – the best body/face pack you can treat yourself to! It’s proven to exfoliate, detoxify, improve circulation, relieve skin disorders among tons of other benefits. It was such a wonderful experience to do this at the beach but Dead Sea Spa Hotel also has a wonderful spa called Vitalia Spa which offers all ranges of services including signature treatments like the Dead Sea mud body wraps and Dead Sea salt scrubs. They also sell all the amazing Dead Sea beauty products at the spa so that you can carry it back home and re-experience all the benefits of the salts and the dead sea mud.

The sunsets at the Dead Sea were so unreal, loved getting to catch the sunset right at the beach of our resort. Did you also know that Dead Sea is the biggest Oxygen spa ?! The Dead Sea has the highest concentration of Oxygen than anywhere else in the world !! Safe to say a few days here left us feeling super refreshed and rejuvenated in every way.

The resort is also home to the only medical Centre in all of Dead Sea Jordan! The Dead Sea Medical Centre is recognized worldwide for its expertise in dermatological care and offers healing and holistic retreats that cater to the natural treatment of various skin diseases. The therapeutic treatment take advantage of the unique climate of the Dead Sea with the combination of the air, salt, mud and the sea water which is ideal for successful treatments. They also have an indoor salt swimming pool and a private solarium that are used in the treatments. They have a doctor on site who customizes a treatment plan for each patient in the medical centre based on his/her needs.

Dead Sea Jordan is truly one of the most unique places Anush and I have adventured at. To get to this point (pic above) we hiked in super hot weather ( atleast 107F! ) downhill over 2km on what was previously the lake bed just to reach the salty shores of the Dead Sea from the road. This showed us how MUCH the Dead Sea has shrunk over the years ! Experts say that it shrinks at the rate of 1m/year which means by 2050 it could be the size of the puddle. Even more reason to add this beautiful gem on the very top of your bucket list stat.

While we were at the Dead Sea area in Jordan, we also made a trip to Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve. It is located only 25 minutes from the resorts in the Dead Sea area. Canyoning through the Siq Trail here was such a thrilling experience, where you get to hike, climb, slide and swim through the breathtaking river canyon! In the blazing heat of the Dead Sea area, Wadi Mujib was so refreshing, the air temperature so much cooler than outside and the water was also soo cool!

If you plan on doing this its a good idea to pack water shoes like we did, although the centre does have shoes on rent as well. They also have the choice of hiring a dry bag and/or a guide if need be. Since we were just doing the siq trail we opted to do a part of it on our own. The siq trail is the easiest trail, but for those seeking a more thrilling experience the park also offers other advanced trails.

Stay tuned for my Jordan travel guide that I will be sharing on the blog tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by! xo


**This stay was in collaboration with Dead Sea Spa Hotel but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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