Travel Guide to Death Valley

Its no lie that the beach is my happy place, but the desert comes a close second. There’s something so magical and mystical about being in the desert and I absolutely love that feeling. Death Valley National Park in California has been on my local travel list for the longest time. It is one of the hottest places on earth during the summers, so the best time to visit the park is the fall/winter when the weather is just perfect! This is certainly one of the most off beat and picturesque national parks I have been to and I hope this travel guide to Death Valley urges you to travel to this beautiful place.

Where to stay?

Since we were a big group we stayed in an airbnb in Pahrump on the Nevada side. The park is a good 1.5 hours from here. However if you are travelling in a small group or with another person, I highly recommend staying in the park so that your commute in and around the park is easier. Keep in mind that Death valley is hugeee, so getting from one point of interest to another can range from 10 minutes to about 3 hours! Here are the list of the best places to stay in the park according to NPS. The park is drivable from Vegas (also the closest commercial airport), so a day trip to the park from Vegas is also a great option if you are short on time.

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What to do ?

As I mentioned this park is a universe, so having a legit plan/itinerary for the spots you want to hit is necessary, especially if you want to catch sunrise or sunset at specific locations. Here are a few of the locations I visited in the park :

1 ) Zabrieske point : This was one of my fave places in the park. The dramatic undulating landscape is composed of erosional sediments from Furnace Creek Lake, which dried up 5 million years ago—long before Death Valley came into existence. Its beauty is unreal and it really looks so outerwordly! Sunset at this spot is beyond gorgeous, but I’m sure it looks just as amazing any other time of day as well.

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2 ) Badwater Basin – The quintessential spot of Death Valley. I mean, did you even visit Death Valley if you didn’t stop here?! Badwater Basin in the lowest point in North America and is 282 ft below sea level. The salt flats in the basin cover nearly 200 square miles are are among the largest protected salt flats in the world. We went here bang in the middle of the day so it was hot and very bright (as the white salt flats reflects the sunlight that makes it soo blinding). I would recommend making this as a stop in the morning or evening so the light and glare isn’t as harsh.

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3 ) Natural Bridge Canyon Trail – This relatively flat 2-mile round trip hike up Natural Bridge Canyon is absolutely gorgeous. If you are interested in geology this trail is a must do and a sheer delight to walk in.

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4 ) Artists Palette – The Artists drive to Artists Palette was probably more memorable to me than the spot itself. The drive is very picturesque and makes you feel like you are in another planet altogether. The rainbow colored soil seen in the hills on the artists palette are caused due to oxidation of various soil metals, how cool is that!

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5 ) Mesquite Flat Dunes – When you approach the dunes, you might think they look insignificant. But let me clarify that from experience – the vastness of the dunes is like a mirage. I highly recommend walking far out into the dunes away from the parking lot so you can find virgin dunes to leave your footprints in :). The sand is so fine and soft, I loved exploring the dunes barefeet and also ended up getting an amazing workout climbing soo many dunes haha! All in all this place is just spectacular and is a popular spot for sunset or sunrise.

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6 ) Dante’s View – Definitely the highlight of my trip was a short sunset hike around Dante’s View. When we first arrived here, it was stunning to begin with but when the sun went down the sky lit up in the most beautiful sunset shades. The colors just kept getting more vivid and dramatic by the minute, it was so breathtakingly beautiful. Dante’s View is along the crest of the Black Mountains and overlooking Death Valley. It offers the best panoramic views of the valley from a vantage point. Here you can really come to appreciate how incredibly vast and unique this park is. This spot can get quite windy, so I recommend layering up when you visit the peak. Also if you are a night sky lover, this spot also offers one of the best star viewing in all of the country!

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7 ) Other spots we couldn’t visit but that were on my list are Devils Golf Course, Golden Canyon and the Racetrack Playa.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Guide to Death Valley

  1. Hi Jyo! question for you. How many days do you think is enough? Also, how did you get between locations? i.e. is renting a car necessary?

    1. Hi! I would say 2-3 days is good based on how much you want to see. The park is hugee so you have to figure out the spots you want to hit and then decide the amount of time I guess. We had a car, its a must since the park is very vast and distances from one point of interest to another can range from 10 mins to over 2 hours! Hope this helps. x

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