Aruba : Mangel Halto

Anush and I just got back last week from an incredible trip to the island with Aruba, with Aruba Tourism. We had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to share all the highlights from our trip all through this week, ending with a full travel guide if you are ever planning a trip out there.

On the first day, we made our way over to Mangel Halto in the Pos Chiquito region of Aruba. Mangel Halto is a mangrove haven and is an excellent spot for snorkelling and shore diving. We could also see several fish right in the shallow waters of Mangel Halto Beach. The beach itself is quite unique, it has the gorgeous backdrop of mangroves all around, white powdery sand and lots of palapas to perch under for an afternoon siesta. Our personal favorite spot for the afternoon was this little rock a little ways down from the entrance to Mangel Halto. Funny story – we actually stumbled across this spot cos we accidentally took a wrong turn. And that was a gentle reminder to take the path less known while adventuring, you’ll never know what you come across! We spent the afternoon at this secluded spot soaking in all the sunshine ; there was literally no one else in sight!

After Mangel Halto, we drove down to Zeerovers for lunch, which is super close to the beach. This was my absolute fave meal of the trip! If you love seafood – this is the place to not miss! The menu only features shrimp and fish (catch of the day)that you can purchase by weight along with a bunch of different sides . The seafood is then fried and topped with their secret spice and is best eaten with the famous local hot sauce – Papaya Hot Delight. I guarantee that it will be a lip smacking finger licking sesh you will never forget! To end the meal, we tried this local vegan coconut ice cream which was sooo delicious.

As for my outfit – I kept it super casual and comfy with this Tiare Hawaii sundress that I wore over Issa De mar two piece.

Dress – c/o Tiare Hawaii (same print, slightly different style)

Suit – c/o Issa De mar

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more posts from Aruba all through this week.


2 thoughts on “Aruba : Mangel Halto

  1. Hey! I love your blogs! I have a question – I’m going to Aruba in a couple months and wanted to know where your staircase photo can be found ? I’ve seen several people take pictures but can’t send to find exactly where they are !!

    1. Hi! Is that the one near the water you were referring to? Thats right by “Mangel Halto”, a few yards on the right side of it (if you are facing the ocean).

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