Aruba : Flamingo Beach

The very reason I put Aruba on my bucket list years ago was to visit dreamy Flamingo Beach! I mean .. a tropical beach with these pink flamingos, seemed almost too perfect to be true! Im so glad I got to cross this one off my list during our recent trip to Aruba.

Our experience was nothing short of amazing and it lived up to all the expectation I had in mind! If you are ever planning a trip to Aruba to visit the flamingos here are a few things you should know :

1 ) Flamingo beach is on a private island that belongs to Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. The island is only accessible by resort guests but you can buy a day pass for $100 and visit the island as a non-guest. The day passes are limited and are only available on the day of and are also dependent on the hotel occupancy (meaning if the hotel is at full capacity day passes are not available). So if you *really* want to visit the island without any disappointments I highly recommend you stay atleast one night in this hotel. Since we were working with Aruba Tourism, we were fortunate enough to get a day pass for our trip.

2 ) The beach itself is gorgeous and a romantic cove nestled in the private island. However if you do want those instagrammable pics with only you and the flamingos, I recommend going super early! The ferry starts at 7am and that would be your best bet to have the coolest photo opps. We made the mistake of going slightly later, and although we had a blast, taking photos the way I wanted and had imagined them (only me and these pink beauties) was quite challenging cos they were a lot of other people and of course everyone wanted to take photos with them. In the end , with patience we did manage to capture these fun shots!

3 ) I also noticed tons of tourists not respecting personal space of these beautiful creatures and going upclose to try and get that perfect selfie! I cant tell you how much this angers me haha.. I do love a good photo opp and will do #anythingforthegram but when dealing with other people or creatures I always keep in mind to respect personal space. The flamingos are so comfortable with humans all you have to do is simply lay around and they will come around you naturally. And of course it dosent hurt to lure them with bird feed ;).

4 ) Aside from the flamingos, the Renaissance private island also has tons of other critters from iguanas, fish and other birds. So you are guaranteed a wonderful time feeling one with nature.

5 ) There’s also a super cute bar called Mangrove bar on Flamingo beach perfect to cool off with an Aruba Ariba or pina colada while flamingling with your new friends. Aside form the bar, the island also has a restaurant and a spa cove.

As for my outfit – of course I had to wear all pink ;). I love this two piece set from Pitusa. The crop top and culottes are so comfy , perfect for a tropical vacay worn as separates or together as a set. I am also obsessed with this pink velvet Reina Olga bikini from Beach Flamingo (and how coincidentally perfect is the brand name!). I stashed all my beach day essentials in this pom pom tote also from Pitusa.

Two piece set – c/o Pitusa (top and pants)

Bag – c/o Pitusa

Bikini – c/o Beach Flamingo

Sandals – James Smith

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more posts from Aruba this week. xoxo



2 thoughts on “Aruba : Flamingo Beach

  1. Ooooph that second last image is AMAZING!!!! Such a perfect shot!
    I have had Aruba on my bucket list for SO long. Aruba and the Exumas to swim with the pigs hahaha. I will definitely keep in mind a night or 2 at the resort if I do go – I would HATE to miss out on the flamingo opp! And I guess it is a good way to ensure you can get there early without too much hassle 🙂

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