In this new era of travel during the COVID 19 pandemic, “Safety” is certainly the new buzzword and an essential amenity that all guests will look for in future stays. Before any trip, its helpful to look up the new safety policies that the resort or hotel that you are staying at has implemented.

Our trip to French Polynesia was our first time being out in the world after the pandemic and our experience with the hotels we stayed at left us feeling 100% safe and secure. They all had really thoughtful safety updates with regards to operating amid the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the health and safety of their guests. Many hotel groups have developed their own protocols for properties around the world too such as Four Seasons’“LEAD WITH CARE”, Hilton’s Hilton CleanStay program, etc. Few common changes that we noticed :

1 ) Temperatures at Check in : contactless and an easy check in. At some properties we were also checked by a temperature scanner.

2 ) Safety care kits : Our rooms were equipped with safety care packages that had masks, wipes and hand sanitizers. Or were available upon request. Its always good to carry extra masks, hand sanitizers, wipes in general too.

3 ) Hand Sanitizers : plenty of hand sanitizing stations throughout the property.

4 ) Mask policy : All the resort staff wore masks, while guests have the choice to wear them or not while on the resort (this was in French Polynesia). The only place it was required to be worn was public indoor spaces on the property and in any public spaces like ferry transfers, airports, etc.

5 ) Digital contactless menus : my favorite updates that I saw in many resorts in their restaurants, spa and in room services ! So easy to scan a QR code with your phone and order food, spa services, in room services, activities, etc.

6 ) Contactless Housekeeping : For housekeeping and turn down services, we were given the option to call in and let them know when the staff could come into our villa, while we were either outside the room entirely or on the deck of our villa.

7 ) Social distancing measures embedded in all services for guest protection, including appropriately spaced tables in restaurants, fitness equipment in the gym, modified spa menu and services,etc,

8 ) Modified Breakfast Options :A la carte : for breakfast some resorts had no buffet option; everything was on the all you can eat a-la-carte menu. For resorts that had breakfast buffets, all guests were required to wear masks while serving themselves. We also had to serve ourselves with our own spoons and tongs or there were separate containers placed for clean and dirty tongs.

9 ) Other measures : periodic deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants at all public spaces.

10 ) Low Capacity : resorts were not booked to full capacity. Most were only 30 – 40 % full. I was also informed that in some resorts they always gave a break of a day after a guest checks out before another guest checked in to the same room.

All in all we felt safe and would be open to staying at hotels that are practicing clean and safe practices. Have you stayed at a hotel during the pandemic? Did you feel safe? What updates did you see?

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