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For the past couple of years I have always used clip in extensions on and off everytime I wanted some extra length and volume. Ever since trying them out for the first time I was instantly hooked cos it added so much hair to play around with for different hairstyles, braids, etc and in general how much fuller my hair looked. Clip ins that I have used and love are the ones from Bellami hair (love the Guy Tang ombre balayage version) and Luxy Hair (ombre styles). If you are a newbie to hair extensions, clip ins are definitely the way to start off with as they can easily be added in and removed and have very low maintenance. Most hair extension companies also have options for you to try out a “trial” piece in your box to match your hair color before you actually use your full set.

I always wanted to opt for a more semi – permanent option, especially cos I travel so often, I wanted the convenience of having extensions on without taking them in and out. Clip ins are great for use once in awhile or a few days in the week. I highly suggest not to use them on the daily as this could lead to damage. After consulting with my hair stylists Jamie Garland and Jenna Piraro both at Bsociety Los Gatos recommended I try tape ins. Both Jamie and Jenna are hair queens and I highly recommend them if you are looking for amazing stylists here in the Bay.

Two years ago, I tried tape in extensions for the first time and and I could not be more obsessed with them! Ever since that I get them every summer for a few months in and then take them out after so that I can get to have the best of both worlds – long and shorter hair.

Few reasons why I love tape ins and why they were more advantageous :

  • semi permanent : Once installed they last from 6-8 weeks. Ater which you can choose to reinstall them again or remove them, save the hair and reinstall at another time! I loved this idea cos I wanted to have them all summer long, take them out for fall and then reinstall them around the holidays or early in the new year!
  • less damaging and more comfortable (especially if you want to wear extensions on the daily!) : Tape ins are known to be the safest method of extensions. After having done it once and getting them reinstalled, I honestly can tell that my hair didnt suffer from any damage. They are super lightweight, compared to clip ins and are so comfortable. Provided you get them done by a reputed salon and maintain them well, tape ins will cause no damage. As I mentioned earlier wearing clip ins everyday will cause damage, however if you want to wear them occasionally only, clip ins are your bff!
  • blends in better : My hair is fine to begin with, so tape ins worked way better for me as they blended in with my hair so well. If you go to a reputed salon, your stylist will be sure to hide the tapes well. The other reason I loved tape ins is the color matched my existing color so well. For tape ins you will most likely have to go in to the salon for a consultation where the stylist will be able to color match you very well. Often you might be a color mix so you can ask your salon if you can get the extensions dyed to your color especially if you get your hair dyed at the same salon. Jenna and Jamie custom colored my hair extensions to make them match my existing color.

PC : Chantel Marie // Hair: Bombshell extensions and @ashpettyhair //  MUA: @makiajbeauty


Other FAQS :

What type of Tape ins do you use? 

Jenna Used Bombshell extensions on on me. I have tried other brands and none come close to the quality of bombshell! They are so incredible, lightweight and longlasting. I opted for the 22 inch sets length wise  We used a mix of 2 colors – D18/22 Rooted + 2/8 Ombre. If you are looking to get tape ins, definitely consult with your stylist to see what colors might work best for you.

How are they attached ?

Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in a sandwich like bonds. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to 2 months and the best part is the hair is reusable ! It takes less than an hour to apply on an entire head with zero damage.

How much do they cost?

This depends on several factors – length of hair , how much hair you order, color, stylist etc. There are two main factors for the cost :

( 1 ) cost of the actual hair (which you buy once and can reuse upto 3-4 times)

( 2 ) cost of installing it by your salon.

Taking both together both costs can range from $400 to $800.

How to maintain them ? 

Longevity of your extensions as well as having no damage to your actual hair all depends on how well you maintain them. Its certainly takes effort to maintain them but they are so totally worth it! Few things I do to maintain my hair extensions on the daily :

( 1 ) Brush, brush, brush : You need to religiously brush your hair several times a day to keep them tangle free and healthy. The brush I use and recommend is the Wet Brush, as it dosen’t get stuck in the tapes and dosen’t pull on the hair. While sleeping at night I always sleep with a loose braid so my hair dosen’t get too tangled. A good detangler also is a must with extensions.

( 2 ) Oiling your ends everyday : I always run a few drops of Moroccan oil or Unite’s Argan Oil along my length and ends everyday to keep them smooth, hydrated and frizz free.

( 3 ) Wash and condition with care : Washing your hair does take a little more effort with extensions in, as you need to make sure you gently get the roots clean as well. While conditioning make sure to not apply any near the roots where the tapes are. If you have colored hair like me, check out my fave hair products for upkeep of colored hair in this blog post.

( 4 ) Styling tips : Investing in a good hair dryer goes a long way especially when you have extensions in. I absolutely love the T3 Cura Luxe hair dryer – it has different settings for heat and speed and dries my hair so quickly! As for tools, my entire hair tool cabinet is filled with goodies from T3 – my fave ones being the singlepass wave and the twirl convertible.

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