Quaran”TAN” essentials : my fave self tanning products

As much as I wish I was on a beach right now getting my tan on, I know for now thats not a possibility. So the next best thing – faking an all natural tan with my fave at home self tanning products! In this post I am rounding up my favorite self tanners as well as tips on how to self tan at home. Self tanning is so easy as well as inexpensive; its my go to for glowy sunkissed skin. While the end result can leave you feeling like a bronzed goddess, the application process is one that takes practise and here are my tips on how to apply self tanner flawlessly.

The beauty brands I love for at home self tan are St Tropez, Tan Luxe and Tanologist there are a few products I love in each of them. I have a full IGTV video talking about my faves from Tan Luxe HERE.

Tips on self tanning at home and the steps in which I do it are :

  • I exfoliate and shave the previous day of self tanning. Love the Kopari Body Scrub for this.
  • On the day of the tan, post showering I don’t use a moisturizer and apply the tan directly onto my skin in circular motions with a tan mitt. Using a tan mitt is super essential so that you don’t get orange-y palms and it also helps apply the tanner smoothly on your skin.
  • Body tan faves : I choose the type of product depending on a few factors – such as time I have to apply, consistency of product and how long I want the tan to last. My fave products are usually something without color – so a clear gel, water mist or water mousse. The product you may like all depends on what kind of tan consistency you like : St Tropez Self Tan Water gel  (GEL consistency), St Tropez Tanning Mousse (colored mousse), St Tropez water mousse (water mousse), or Tan Luxe Self tan Drops (that can be mixed in with your daily moisturizer).
  • If you prefer a pre tan (i.e applying product before and then showering after 1-3 hours), try the St Tropez Self tan express .
  • Face tan faves : For the face I never use the body tan products. Instead I use either the St tropez bronzing facial mist (subtle perfect for everyday) or the Tan Luxe Face illuminating drops (can be mixed in with your moisturizer). For a quick fix – I love the St Tropez Sheet mask (perfect for travel too!)
  • Let the tan dry on your skin for 5-10 minutes (use a hair dryer on your body to dry the tan if necessacry) before you wear some loose clothing on. I wait for atleast 8-10 hours if not longer to shower after this again.
  • Looking for a one night only tan ? Something you can apply and wash off the next day? My fave is the St Tropez one night only lotion  or the finishing body gloss if you want a glowy high shine look.
  • When showering after the 8 hours do not use any soap, just rinse off with water and pat dry (dont rub) with a towel.
  • Post showering – my no 1 Post tan essential is to “Moisturize” very extensively to hold on to your tan and let the color last as long as possible. The main ingredient in a self tanner DHA is what helps tan your skin and it dries your skin out so moisturize like it’s nobody’s business cos that is what is going to lock your tan in!
  • For showers in the consecutive days make sure to use an all natural soap + lotion. My fave lotion to use whether I have a tan or not to always give me a subtle healthy glow is the Tan Luxe Gradual Illuminating Body Lotion. Try the St Tropez Gradual tan face cream for a face version.
  • SPF Protection : Oh and last thing but most importantly – I never step out without SPF ! My fave face moisturizer is Kopari Beauty Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen and body sunscreen is Coola Sport .

Linked all my fave products in the carousel below.




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