7 ways to take a Virtual Vacation from home

Petra, Jordan

Without a doubt the number 1 thing I miss the most during these times of staying at home is TRAVEL! Traveling may be cancelled for now, but wanderlusting and the option to “roam from home” is certainly not! These are uncharted times for sure, but we will all be up and ready to adventure when this all passes. So till then let’s inspire each others future travels by sharing our fave places – maybe your hometown, a fave destination, a bucket list travel or a destination you plan to visit/revisit once we are able to explore the beautiful world again. I am loving going over our past travels and sharing our fave memories over on social media for a little tropical escapism! I am eternally grateful that I have travelled to over 40 countries thus far and have a lifetime of memories to go over and help me get through these times at home.


If there’s one good thing from this pandemic it certainly is that our beautiful planet is getting a much needed break and is actually healing from within. It’s so incredibly heartening to see actual improvements in nature all around the world due to human restriction and lockdowns! Once this all passes and the planet has recovered , I can’t wait to adventure and explore yet again. but till then endless wanderlusting it is!


Taking a Virtual Vacation is my fave thing to do at home off late! The best part – it dosen’t cost a dime and no visas or passports needed! Plus the options are literally endless. Some fun ways to Virtually vacay and/or celebrate travel from your couch :

1 ) Google earth your dream destination and sit back and imagine you are there. Make it extra – Put on a vacay dress! I’ll tell you it really made my day when I did this. I even used a VR headset to actually feel like I was in my destination!

2 ) Watch a travel show or documentary.

3 ) Sift through older pics of a fave destination of yours.

4 ) Whip up a traditional dish of your fave world cuisine for an at home culinary adventure; while listening to some of the traditional music from that destination. A whole sensory travel experience at home!

5) Learn a new foreign language! This may come in handy for your future travels.

6) This lockdown won’t last forever so set travel goals for the future and make a list of places you want to visit when you can “Go Later”. (even without booking tickets or the actual trip! ) This really gets me motivated and look forward to something exciting for the future.

7) Buy a travel scratch map and start pinning/scratching off the places you have visited! I love love doing this.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you need travel inspo – definitely check out my TRAVEL GUIDES and travel tips. I have a ton of info of destinations we have been to.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy virtual vacay-ing! xoxo




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