10 Date Night Ideas for couples in Quarantine

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In this age of social distancing and staying in quarantine at home if you are isolating with your partner, there are so many fun and different ways to spend time quality time together while being in lockdown. Without a doubt, Anush and I certainly miss being out and about, but we are so grateful to have each other through this and have tried to make the most of the situation by having fun things to do together. Here are a some fun Date Night Ideas for couples in Quarantine :

1 ) Workout together :

Anush is my favorite person to workout with and has always been! Now that gyms are closed and working out by myself is a daily ritual; having an exercise partner not only makes it so much more fun but also helps hold you accountable. If you want a list of workouts to try at home, check out my blog post here.

2 ) Whip up a meal together :

Our favorite meal of the week was always our Sunday brunch out. But now we are bringing in our brunch faves at home by cooking them up from scratch. This past weekend we made protein pancakes, smoothie bowls and huevos rancheros and it turned out so well! And a little tip – actually dress the part having your date afternoon/night in; it makes such a difference! If its an evening – go the extra mile and make it a candlelit dinner.

3 ) Movie/Show nights :

There’s nothing that beats a movie night or show binge-watch! Make some homemade popcorn or order in some pizza to make it perfect.

4 ) Take a Virtual vacay together :

Probably our fave thing to do is “roam from home” and wanderlust over all the places we want to go later when this is all over. We also love going over fond past travel memories and also planning for future travels, whenever it may happen. Need some travel inspo – check out my travel bucket list for couples.

5 ) Take a dance class together or learn a Tiktok dance together :

I can probably never get Anush to do this with me :), but if you and your partner love dancing this activity would be so fun. Tik tok especially is super fun post quarantine with a ton of people getting on it since everyones at home now – the dance challenges are super fun and who knows maybe you’ll actually hit viral fame! If you are on Tiktok, you can follow me @jyo_shankar (and watch my solo dances or Anush and me doing workout challenges together 😉 ).

6 ) Game Night :

Whether its video games, a board game, card games, karaoke, jigsaw puzzles or even an app like Heads Up, game night is always a great idea for spending time together.

7 ) Spa Day :

Face masks, massages and all that self care; maybe while also sipping on some bubble – need I say more?! The ideal recipe for relaxation. Check out my blog post here for my fave beauty items.

8 ) Get some fresh air :

If your stay at home order allows for it, take a daily walk with your partner or a weekly hike to a local park. Our daily evening walks is something we both look forward to – it helps us unwind and talk to each other about the day. If you have a backyard – even better; you can enjoy a picnic in your own backyard in the sun!

9 ) Learn something new together :

Maybe its a new skill you can learn from each other, a new language or learn something totally new together. We have this course called “the Science of Well Being” by Yale (free to audit on coursera!) on our to-do list and plan to audit the course together.

10 ) Get crafty :

Let your creative juices flow over some wine and do some fun DIY projects together – paint a wall or a canvas, or make something for your home, etc.

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