10 At-home Fitness gear essentials

In a recent blog post, I rounded up my fave at home workouts. As an addition to that I wanted to quickly share my At home Fitness gear essentials in this blog post. While bodyweight workouts are great, addition of extra weight and resistance totally takes your workout up a notch. Some of these are also great to travel with. Here are some of my fave workout gear to amp up my at home workouts and easily transform your living room to a quick at home gym :

1 ) Love this pull up bar. If not for regular pull ups you can also use it with resistance bands for arm exercises.

2 ) resistance bands– super versatile and come in different resistance amounts too from extra light to extra heavy.

3 ) ankle weights or arm bangle weights – great for yoga, dance, barre, pilates, cardio, aerobics and even walking.

4 ) core sliders  – absolutely love these for ab workouts( if you love megaformer pilates this is the best way to do a lagree workout at home).

5 ) jump rope – old school but such a great cardio tool. An agility ladder or hurdles or cones are also great for speed training at home.

6 ) exercise bands with handles – I love these bands as you can do so many exercises with them for upper and lower body; and they can also be used anchored to a door or pull up bar.

7 ) Kettlebells or Dumbells – depending on what you prefer choose a set or a couple of weights that work for your fitness level. You cant go wrong with either cos they are super versatile. Here is a quick kettlebell at home circuit that I did recently.

8 ) Booty bands – These are different from the ones I mentioned in no (2). They are thicker and made from a nonslip fabric an dare specifically meant for glute exercises. I love these; check out a quick video I did here showing 10 exercises with them. (see the second slide)

9 ) Yoga Mat – An absolute essential! I love my Manduka mat; I have had it for years.

10 ) Foam roller or a massage gun – Putting this down as an essential as its SO important to recover your muscles and cool down after every at home workout. I foam roll every single day and I am eyeing the massage gun (I used to use it everyday in the gym and now I want to have it at home – its hands down the best massage device ever!)

Here are some cute activewear perfect for at home workouts too :

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