6 Favorite at-home workouts + Workout Gear

In light of everything thats been going on globally right now, I hope you are all staying safe and strong at home. Even though most gyms and fitness studios are closed at the current moment I don’t plan on stopping my workouts at all, infact I love working out at home too! Its what got me started on my fitness journey years ago. Aside from physical benefits, setting aside sometime everyday to get in your daily workout at home, especially during these difficult times will help you mentally as well as strengthen your immune system! That being said you can absolutely continue your fitness journey at home and continue to work on that summer bod with so many fun at home workouts.

You honestly don’t need to be a part of a gym/studio to get the best workout. With the right kind of workouts, motivation and discipline in both workouts + eating habits you can get achieve your fitness goals within the comfort of your own home. I am a firm believer and lover of at home workouts as that is how I started my fitness journey a couple of years ago (lost over 30 lbs doing just at home workouts like Insanity ; see below!).


In this blog post I thought I would re-highlight my favorite at-home workouts that I love, have tried and tested; some dozens of times too!


1 ) All the Insanity programs by Beachbody :

Insanity is probably where all my fitness craze all started! Im totally indebted to Shaun T and all his amazing workout programs that helped me immensely on my journey. Some of my fave Beachbody workouts are Insanity, Asylum, Asylum 2 and Max 30 each of which I have done several times and also still randomly incorporate them in my workout schedule every week. Beachbody is now an online on demand program and there are tons of programs to choose from based on your fitness level. They currently have a 14 day trial going on.


2 ) Kayla Itsines BBG program :

I have done both BBG 1.0 and BBG 2.0 , each of which are 12 week programs. I especially love her resistance training circuits for arms, legs and abs which are super challenging especially in the later weeks. Also check out her SWEAT app and youtube channel for more.


3 ) Tone it up App :

I love this app and usually incorporate the daily workout in my schedule every now and then. If you sign up/pay for the actual program this would be a great program to follow to. They have a strong online community and lots of fun resources like meal plans too. This is a very good program for beginners. I also love their youtube channel.


4 ) Thenx app :

If you are a fan of bodyweight or calisthenics exercises, I highly recommend this app! But just an FYI – this is pretty advanced. Its super fun, challenging and great for a workout when you travel too.


5 ) Youtube videos :

Youtube has an endless resource of workouts that you can do at the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment. Some of my favorite workout gurus here are – Blogilates, Fitness Blender , The Fitness Marshall, HASfit and the Popsugar fitness channel.


6 ) DIY workouts with at home workout gear !

Since I have been working out consistently and know a ton of exercises at the back of my head, once in awhile I love doing a fun little DIY workout. I love this interval timer app that helps you design your own HIIT workout based on what timing you want to set per exercise. If I go to the apartment gym – I love to do sprints on the treadmill. But better yet I love a little at home workout sesh. Having a couple of essentials like a pull up bar, workout bands, ankle weights , sliders, jump rope, agility ladder, etc can easily transform your living room to a quick at home gym. I especially love doing this when I travel too ; resistance bands are so light and easy to travel with and they can offer an effective hotel room workout too.


** As an update to this post I’m also adding a few online resources that are sharing amazing workouts to do at home while you are social distancing :

  • As you all might from my stories, I love love Barry’s Bootcamp! And when they temporarily closed for COVID19, I was so sad even though it was the absolute right thing to do. But I am soooo excited that they are now doing daily live workouts on Instagram so anyone from anywhere in the world can tune in to @barrys on IG! Also check out their at home Band Together Fit Kit  that would be great for their at home workout. Since I already have these items individually I didnt buy the pack but I am so excited to get my Barry’s workout of the day daily.
  • Some of my fave fitness influencers are also sharing innovative ways to workout at home – check out @whitneysimmons, @kayla_itsines , this youtube video for a perfect at home full body lagree workout, etc
  • Corepower Yoga is having free access to their online yoga videos on demand!
  • Barre 3 is offering two weeks of free online classes with the code BARRE3HOMEBODY.
  • My absolute fave F45 Fitness is now offering workouts at home for 30 days! Download the F45 Challenge app and lets workout together!
  • Pure Barre has live FB lives and free 60 days on demand with code ExtendedTrial
  • the ever popular Pvolve has a 30 day free trial with code ONEPVOLVE
  • Peloton has a 90 day free trial
  • Orange Theory has 30 min videos daily online.
  • Fitonapp – free videos on IG and in the app


Hope this helps you! We are all in this together, stay strong, healthy and safe. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo



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