10 ways to Practise Self Care at Home

Now more than ever, it is so important to practise some self care while we are quarantined and social distancing. Self care during this pandemic is so essential to ease on the stress, anxiety and recoup to help us through this uncertain time. Here are some simple ways I am practicing self care while being self – quarantined :

1 ) Meditation :

This is something I am still trying to do everyday for atleast 10 minutes a day. It really helps me be more mindful and at peace with what is going on. My fave apps for this are Headspace and Calm.


2) Exercise :

It is so important to get your body moving even if it’s 20-30 min a day a few days a week, especially at this stressful time. It’s not only a stress reliever and mood uplifter – but is also known to help prevent disease by strengthening your immune system. Check out this blog post for my fave at home exercises.


3) Sleep :

A healthy sleep cycle is absolutely essential to help you stay healthy and strong. I do love taking Melatonin once in awhile if I have had a stressful day or I am feeling anxious before falling to sleep.


4) Nourish your body :

Aside from long term health benefits, eating a balanced meal and practising clean eating habits will help you be healthy and strong during this time. I personally am including extra foods rich in Vitamin C to help boost my immunity like – fruits like kiwis, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupes ; veggies like broccoli, kale, colored peppers, tomatoes, etc as well as Immune supplements.


5 ) Fresh air :

Never did I think that I would cherish a simple walk around our neighborhood as much as I do now! Anush and I have been going on daily long walks around our neighborhood at the end of our work day to destress, recoup and enjoy a little bit of fresh air. I’m SO thankful that the shelter in place order here in the Bay Area still allows us to step outside to get some fresh air on a walk, hike, or run. ( so long as you are alone or only with your quarantine partner and are practicing social distancing with others ).


6 ) Dedicated me time :

Beauty self care like a face mask, at home mani pedi, hair mask, etc really helps me boost my mood! Even reading a book, listening to a podcast, journaling, doing a craft you love etc are all amazing ways to set aside some dedicated time to spend with yourself. Check out this blog post for some of my fave beauty items for self care.


7) Practise Gratitude :

This is something that has helped me immensely. Even through trying times, write down 5 things you are grateful for and why everyday; it really helps puts things into perspective.


8) Keeping in touch with others :

During this time, feeling isolated and lonely is the new normal which I’m sure most of you might feel including myself. Isolation is really one of the worst things for mental health, so be sure you stay in touch with the people who are important to you. I’m so thankful for social media and technology at this time. We are all in this together – this unity really helps put me at ease.


9 ) Stay informed but know when to switch off :

I know that media is a necessary evil during these times. Its important to stay informed no doubt; but its also important to know when to switch off and not get overconsumed by everything thats happening. My fave way to do this – to see funny memes, videos on Tiktok (even if its about the pandemic :)) – really helps lighten things up.


10 ) Keeping a routine :

Keeping a routine and daily schedule can help you stay motivated. I think keeping a distinct boundary between the differnt parts of your day (work time at home, family time at home etc) is so essential for productivity. Things are certainly going to be different, but we can all learn to adapt and make the most out of this for the greater good of the community.


Thanks for stopping By! Stay safe and healthy. xo



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