Spray Tan and Self tan 101

I get asked a lot about how my skin is always so glowy , I wish I could say I was born with it haha 😆 but it’s all thanks to either a spray tan or a self tan! Since a few years ago I used to never tan cos I was always scared of its dangers + I thought my already tan self didn’t need any extra color. But once I discovered safe and clean ways to tan I gave it a try and I was obsessed. Even with being tan naturally, a tan actually helps even out skin tone and give an overall healthy golden glow to skin.

I usually self tan at home before any shoots, events, beach days etc for a natural everyday glow, but before any trip I love to get a spray tan at a salon for a better looking and longer lasting tan. Here are my tips and fave products in both spray tanning and self tanning.

Spray Tan 101 :

My go to salon in the Bay Area is Bronzed Humanity. Their gorgeous salon in San Jose offers Luxury All Natural Spray Tans, Custom Semi Permanent Lash Extensions, Brow Henna and Full Body Waxing as well. For tanning, I love that they use a natural, organic, vegan and alcohol free solution that is sugarcane and aloe Vera based.

Here are my go to pre and post tan tips :

  • I always exfoliate + wax my skin a day before my appointment.
  • On the day of the tan I never wear any products on my skin so that the solution goes on smooth .
  • I always go in wearing loose comfy clothes to wear so nothing is rubbing against my skin post tan.
  •  I let the color sit for at least 8 hours ( and if possible overnight too !). They do have an express tan version if you are short on time.
  • I wash off in shower with water only and pat dry.
  • Moisturize : Best tip to let the color last as long as possible – moisturize like it’s nobody’s business ! And use an all natural soap + lotion . They do sell a bunch of natural beauty products in store that are perfect for extending the life of your tan. My fave lotion to use whether I have a tan or not to always give me a subtle healthy glow is the Nkd Skn gradual tan moisturizer. Try the St Tropez Gradual tan face cream for a face version. I also love the Kopari Body Lotion.
  • SPF Protection : Oh and last thing but most importantly – I never step out without SPF ! My fave face moisturizer is Kopari Beauty Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen and body sunscreen is Coola Sport .

Self Tan 101 :

I had spoken about Self tan essentials in this post previously. The beauty brands I love for at home self tan are St Tropez, Tan Luxe and Tanologist there are a few products I love in each of them. Tips on self tanning at home :

Linked all my fave products in the carousel below.




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