Desert winter

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all have a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2019.

Anush and I had decided to celebrate Christmas a little different this time around – by retreating to a sweet desert escape in one of our absolute fave places in Joshua Tree. We absolutely loved the peace and solitude ; it was the perfect opportunity to not only relax and rejuvenate but also reflect on what a fab year 2018 was and our goals for the new year.

If you are looking for a travel guide to Joshua Tree, check out my post from last time around. We pretty much covered our fave spots from last time but also explored a few new spots this time – like Indian Cove (my new fave!), Arch Rock, Barker Dam, etc. So in this post I will be just sharing a photo journal from our trip.

It was also so fun to partner with Toyota to roadtrip through the desert. The 2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid was the perfect choice for our desert adventure especially cos it had an all wheel drive and thus let us explore those exciting dirt roads in Joshua Tree. I love how spacious and comfy it was both in the passenger and driver seats as well as in the boot space ! Aside from this we also loved how smoothly it rode and some of the cool driver assist features – like the lane departure warnings, cruise control, etc which helped in the long drive. We were also surprised that it prompted us to take a coffee break when we had driven non stop for over 4 hours ; a small detail but we appreciated it so much. All in all, a great ride and I highly recommend it if you are in the market for a SUV.

Here is a photo journal from our trip to Joshua Tree this time :

Exploring beautiful Indian Cove

In and around our beautiful desert casita at Rattler Ranch :

Sunset at Cholla Cactus Garden :

Hiking through the desert :

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