Nightime Beauty Routine

Over the years, I have come to realise how important nightime skincare is. As much as I love amazing beauty products, I am also a huge skincare buff and am always looking to perfect my skincare routine. Having a religious nightime skincare routine is as more important if not more important than your daily daytime skincare routine.

Here are some of my fave products and steps that I do every night before going to bed. I will also offer other similar product suggestions that I have tried.

1 ) Remove Makeup : I love using a Micellar cleansing water or an oil based kind of makeup remover, its more gentle than a regular makeup remover and gets all the gunk off seriously! The one I am currently using and loving is the Kopari Cleansing Oil or the  IT Cosmetics Miracle Water

2) Face Wash : Even though most makeup removers say they get off 100% of makeup and dirt, I always wash my face again to get all the impurties off. My fave face wash is the Antioxidant face wash by Origins. I use it with the Clarisonic MIA facial cleansing brush.

3) Toner : I always tone after I wash my face. I swear by the Kopari Rose water Coconut Oil Toner. I also have a travel size of this and use it as a face refresher through the day as well.

4 ) Serum : A step I never miss out on post toning, pre moisturizing. I love the Origins Anti aging Power Serum.

5) Face Oil : Probably the most important step in my daily night or day skin routine! It has made a huge difference ever since I have started adding drops of Face oil into my moisturizer. I alternate between two favorite face oils and they are the Biossance’s Squalene + Vitamin C Rose Oil and the Kopari Save Face Oil (which smells out of this world, gives me all the tropical dreams haha!).

6 ) Moisturize + Mask : My all time fave night time moisturizer is First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Firming Sleeping Cream. I also use a sleeping mask about twice a week on top of the cream, and the one I love is Dr Jart+’s Hydro sleep mask. I wake up so refreshed everytime I use this, as the mask helps seal in the moisture while you are sleeping. Twice to thrice a week I also add in the Drunk Elephant Retinol A cream to my moisturizer.

7 ) Eye Cream : My fave is the First Aid Beauty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm.

8 ) Lip Moisturizer : I am a hoarder of lip balms haha and always love trying out different ones, but for the night I prefer to use something thats ultra moisturizing like the Kopari Lip Love, its an oil based balm which is sooo soft and moisturizing, you will be hooked onto it from the moment you try it, 100%!

9 ) Hair protectant : Lastly, I use a hair mask/protectant once or twice a week before the morning of a hair wash for extra deep conditioning. I love the Bumble and Bumble while you were sleeping mask.

I know it seems like a lot, and I won’t lie it is time consuming! But honestly having a dedicated nightime skincare regimen goes a long way. What are your fave nightime beauty products?

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