Play date with my furry friend

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For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge dog lover. I have always been born and raised with dogs at home back in India. I miss having a dog so much here in the US and can’t wait to move into a bigger place when I can make my family complete with dogs. I think the moment we get a house, I would actually want to adopt/buy puppies even before I furnish the place haha. Anyways till then, I will stalk all my close friends who have dogs so I can get my puppy love fix every weekend.

I love hanging out with the newest member of our group – Sol (short for Solnyska), a beautiful husky baby of our close friends. She even has her own Instagram account and is such a star! This past weekend I had a play date with my furry friend in one of the local parks. Since she is young, she is a furball of energy and gives us quite the workout when we take her out to play. I wanted to stay comfy and agile (well I had to keep up with Sol right ;)!) for the afternoon, so I wore these fab white Timberland sneakers from Zappos. I paired it with denim shorts and a cropped hoodie to stay casual and cute. Aside from being super comfy, these streetsmart sneakers are so on trend, affordable and versatile. They have been my go-to weekend shoes whether I am running errands, hanging out with friends or their puppies, or exploring new local beaches. I love pairing them with denim for the most part but also love that they can be paired with a romper or mini dress to make it more casual and dressed down for a weekend brunch or get together.¬†They also come in an embossed black color, which looks just as chic. You can’t go wrong with either of the basic colors.

I think Sol and I are both distracted by another puppy in the park in this photo below !

I must say that I do consider a good quality pair of white sneaks a must have in every girl and guy’s shoe wardrobe. You will be sure to reach out to them over and over again; so investing in something thats of good quality, comfort and that is long lasting is key. Check out Timberland’s other range of shoes for both men and women, there are tons of new styles for the Spring season.

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