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About three years ago, I started my blog as a fun side hobby. I had no idea of how it would turn out to be and today I am beyond grateful my little hobby has turned out to be my full time career. Being self-employed is definitely awesome – I get to do what I love, I am my own boss and I set my own hours. But its not without its challenges. As the saying goes “with more power comes more responsibility”, that is so applicable to a situation like this as well. Having the blog as a business is not all fun and games, there is a lot of administrative work that happens behind the scenes. When I first started blogging professionally, the idea of managing my finances seemed very daunting – how do I keep track of my expenses? What are quarterly taxes and how do I pay them? How many tax returns should I file?

After a little research I stumbled upon Quickbooks Self-Employed, and boy did that make my life easy! It is the perfect one-stop-shop for managing all the finances related to my business. Here are some of my favorite features:

Track all your business expenses

The best part about being self-employed? You can take tax deductions on most business related expenses. Quickbooks Self-Employed helps you find tax deductions, and keeps your finances organized by capturing receipts to business expenses, automatically tracking mileage (yes even miles!), and categorizing your business expenses.

Create invoices

You can easily create professional-style invoices for billing your clients and even receive payments online, enabling you to get paid faster. And all these transactions are automatically tracked and categorized by Quickbooks Self Employed.

Maximize your tax savings

The IRS tax code can be complicated to navigate by yourself, and can be particularly overwhelming if you are self-employed.  Quickbooks Self-Employed will help you maximize your tax deductions and put more money in your pocket.With Quickbooks Self-Employed you can automatically calculate your quarterly estimated taxes and you can even make payments straight from the tool. For annual tax payments, you can export your Schedule C income and expenses into TurboTax Self-Employed and do your taxes there.

Track your mileage

Keeping track of your mileage manually can be very tedious, especially if you drive around a lot for your work as I do. With the Quickbooks Self-Employed app, its as simple as turning on a setting, and your mileage is tracked automatically, pretty neat!

Quickbooks Self-Employed  has certainly been a great addition to my business regimen. It is one of the best investments I have made for my blog. For a few $ every month I get back several hours for myself every week. I highly recommend it to anyone who is self employed. Have you heard of it or used it before? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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**This post was sponsored by Quickbooks Self-Employed but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. These tips were so valuable!! Doing taxes is always a headache and I always get a little frustrated trying to figure out everything on my own, but this service seems so easy to use and so helpful 🙂 Seriously, very insightful. Thanks so much for sharing girl, I loved this post!

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