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I recently got back from an incredible week long trip to Hawaii, cant wait to share more later this week and next week on the blog. Fitness for me is a lifestyle that I don’t give up on even while on vacation or travelling. Since I travel so often, I have made it a point to be somewhat disciplined while on the go, while also taking the time to enjoy my trip. Its something I need to kickstart my day even if its just a brisk 20 min session, it makes me feel so rejuvenated, refreshed and totally makes me feel like I earned my vacation calories :).

A few tips from my experience for fitness on the go :

1 ) I always make sure the place I am staying at has a gym or atleast is close to an area that I can go for a run.

2) I never travel without my exercise bands or resistance bands. These are lightweight and so easy to carry with you. You can look up online or on Youtube for tons of exercises to use with these powerful bands. Another great exercise equipment that is great to travel with are TRX bands.

3) Bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, lunges are your best friend. You really dont need too much of space, even a small corner of your hotel room will do. If Anush and I dont have time to put in for a full workout the least we do is a fun bodyweight challenge like 100 squats+ 100 burpees + 100 pushups (5 sets of 20) or something like that! For fun, short but challenging + affective bodyweight exercises I love the Freeletics app.

4) If the place we are going to is walkable, Anush and I try to walk around to places as much as possible. If there’s a cool short hike around that place, we also add that to our itinerary. A hike means – a good workout + great photo opps – total win – win for me!

5) The hardest part when it comes to vacation is definitely clean eating. Through the year when I am at home I eat pretty clean, so of course the vacation is the one time I can cheat a little without feeling too bad ;). But I always make sure to portion control. Like for example – I wont say no to dessert on vacay, instead Anush and I will share it. I also try and not eat more than 1 “bad” meal a day so that I can stay in control.

6) In my opinion, liquid calories – I mean alcohol is what does the most damage. Luckily for me I hardly drink! In Hawaii I ended up having 1 drink only during the entire week. If you do enjoy the occasional drink during your travel, also try a portion control regimen on it based on what works for you.

7) When Im travelling I always make sure to have some healthy snacks in my bag – like fruits, protein bites or nuts so that I don’t reach out to buy unnecessary junk if I get hungry on the way. Another habit I always have whether I am travelling or not is to eat a big healthy breakfast so that I stay satiated for a long time.

8) Also drink tons of water and stay hydrated. Rest well and make sure to enjoy cos you are on vacation after all!

A few words about my outfit – I love these workout leggings from Lilybod! They are so versatile cos (a) I can wear them on the flight cos they look great as athleisure pants with a slouchy sweatshirt and (b) they double up as a great pair of workout pants that you can wear to workout or while on a hike. I paired it with a matching sports bra and a lightweight jacket from Lorna Jane. I love packing a lightweight jacket like this – its perfect for travelling and layering while on the go.

How fab is this weekender bag from Dagne Dover?! I am in love with it. It is made from high quality neoprene and is the ideal bag for a getaway or even as a carry on bag in the flight as it has a padded laptop sleeve! Aside from that it also has an air mesh pouch for all your essentials and a water bottle pocket so you can stay hydrated in-flight or on a hike. A stretch key leash, shoe duster and extra interior pockets are other details to help keep you organized. There is also a  pocket on the back of the bag which is  the perfect place to tuck away your passport or phone. I also use this bag locally as a gym bag and while travelling to carry outfit changes if we have a shoot planned. Seriously the durability and versatility of this fab bag are endless. It also comes in a bunch of other colors as well as in a small, medium and large size.

Pants – c/o Lilybod

Sports bra – c/o Lilybod

Jacket – c/o Lorna Jane Active (similar one here)

Bag – c/o Dagne Dover (also comes in other colors)

Shoes – New balance (similar here)

Cap – c/o DSTLD


How do you stay active while travelling? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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