Joshua Tree


The highlight of our trip to Joshua Tree was undoubtedly the National Park. The park is made of two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado and is home to a fascinating variety of plants and animals, including the gorgeous ancient Joshua Trees. Some are believed to be more than 500 years old, the oldest one being a 1000! Their beauty is totally outer-worldly and something I cant just describe in a few words in my blog post. The trees coupled with the other cactii and yuccas, and the magnificent geologic features make this place so surreal and magical, it easily is now one of my favorite places I have ever visited.





Since our time was limited, we opted to drive through the park and hit the most important spots. Our roadtrip was just perfect thanks to our sweet ride from Lexus USA. Some must sees are Skull rock, Jumbo Rocks, Indian Cove, Hidden Valley Trail and the Cholla Cactus Garden – which was most definitely my absolute fave spot in the park.



If you have the chance to visit Cholla garden during sunset, be prepared for a spectacle that will leave you with one of the most picturesque sunset memories for life! As the sun sets, the color of the plants become a super fluorescent green and the sky is lit in a pretty sorbet pink; it was so so beautiful! One word of warning – these guys look so adorable but haha they are real pricks , so be careful ! (total pun intended!)



Since we were being more sightseers that hikers for the day, I opted for this gorgeous tassel trimmed croptop with denim cutoffs and booties. I accessorized the look with a beautiful statement feather choker from Zacasha and an embellished crossbody to channel my inner desert bohemian in me.






Top – c/o Asos

Shorts – c/o Love Culture

Boots – Baske California 

Necklace – c/o Zacasha

Bag – c/0 ASOS

Belt – Spell Designs

Rings – Wanderlust and Co

Car – Press loan via Lexus USA

Location – Joshua Tree National Park

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