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I got on the hair extension bandwagon about 2.5 years ago, and have been hooked ever since! I was honestly a little nervous to try them out first but once I did some research about clip ins I did take the plunge to try it out and Im so glad I did. I have tried out many brands, but recently switched to Bellami Hair and am obsessed with the quality of their gorgeous clip in extensions! Not sure if I would opt for tape ins right now, cos I like the option of wearing them sometimes and then having my natural hair as well other times.



My hair is naturally balayaged, so I opted for the Bellami Guy Tang Balayage extensions 220g #2/#6. Use code CUPPAJYO for $5 off any set of extensions! They blend so so perfectly with my hair color, I love it! Bellami has a wide range of colors to choose from, and if you have trouble you can always send in a pic to them  and their color experts are super helpful in finding out the shade that would work best for you. You can also take them in to your hairdresser to get them colored to suit your particular hair color as well.  Bellamis are made from 100% human hair so you can treat them  like your own hair – you can use products as well as hot tools on them. I don’t wash them as frequently as my normal hair as they last way longer that way. (also they don’t get the natural oil from your scalp, so they do stay cleaner a whole lot longer).


_DSC9321My hair is a little fine to begin with, so a lot more length and volume definitely helps every now and then. I do not wear them everyday, and only wear them when I think I need more length and volume especially for hairstyles like braids! Unless you are blessed with a crazy head of hair, you wont be able to achieve those pinterest worthy braids without extensions ;). And you don’t have to wear them all in everytime you use them.

In this post, I am wearing the entire set to show you how it looks when its all clipped in, but for the most part I choose about 3-4 wefts (or more) to clip in depending on the look I am going for.

What you get in your 220 g set of Bellamis :

2 of the 2 clip wefts

2 of the 3 clip wefts

2 of the 4 clip wefts

4 of the 1 clip wefts

1 detangling brush.



For clipping them in, I followed THIS video from Bellami. I had pre curled them the night before so as to save some time while adding them in. In the morning all I did was curl my hair and then add the extensions in. But you can also clip them in and then style them together along with your hair. To see how I curl my hair is loose waves, check this post, which is the exact way I curled my own hair and extensions.


Here are pics without my extensions front the front and back :



Here are a few steps to show you how I clip them in :

1.For the first section I sectioned hair off from the nape of my neck and clipped it away. I clipped a 2 clip weft along a the 3 clip weft and clipped this chunk in  as one section. The clips are super comfortable and do not hurt your scalp. Aside from the quality of hair, I love the clips in my Bellamis! In my opinion clip quality is so important as hair quality, they should not only be comfy but also stay put in your hair firmly without sliding off. If you want to make it extra secure you can also tease the area of hair where you want to add the clip.

2. Next I left a half inch of my own hair down and then clipped the rest up again, and repeated the same step as no 1, using the other 2 clip weft + 3 clip weft together.



3. For the last section, I sectioned off from ear to ear, which is the widest part of my head, and clipped the two 4 clip wefts together. One of the 4 piece wefts is smaller than the other so clip the smaller one over the larger 4 clip weft.


4. Lastly, you can place the one clip wefts in the front along the left and right wherever you think you need an extra lift of volume. Tip – these one pieces work great to add more hair in the front while creating french and dutch braids.



cuppajyo-sanfrancisco-fashion-lifestyle-blogger-bellamihair-hair-extensions-101-tutorial-15Outfit : Wearing a NAKD Fashion lace midi dress over a basic shorts + Cami set

Hope this helps , let me know if you have any questions regarding extensions! Again you can use code CUPPAJYO for $5 off any set of extensions at Bellami Hair. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo





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