Mermaid waves with T3 Micro Twirl Convertible


Loose mermaid waves is my all time favorite hairstyle, infact I wear my hair this way 90% of the time. Who dosen’t like looking like they just stepped out of the beach with that sexy ocean-kissed hair, am I right?! Even though a style like this looks effortless, the key to getting it right is by using the right kind of tool. I had heard so many great reviews about T3 Micro and was so eager to give it a try. In their own words “T3 has revolutionized the world of hair styling with an award-winning collection of pioneering tools.” Their fantastic array of styling tools actively nurture hair and streamline the styling process. The tools are made from a Tourmaline + Ceramic blend, which helps in adding shine, avoiding frizz and of course producing amazing results.


I chose the T3 Micro Twirl convertible which is a 1.25″ clip barrel curling iron. This iron is ideal for creating beautiful and effortless curls. The best part about this iron is that barrel is interchangable! So I also got the 1.5″ Straight Barrel (which is what I am using in the tutorial)  which is the best barrel for big loose waves. With this combo I can curl or wave depending on my mood, with just one tool ! Check out T3’s other range of products here, I am already eyeing the Twirl 360 (which is an auto rotating iron!). The Whirl Trio set is also a great buy for endless styling options.

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To create these beachy mermaid waves I first sprayed my hair with a thermal heat protectant and then with a texturizing spray. I am loving the Sea salt texture spray by Karena and Katrina, it smells sooo good, is lightweight, hydrating and adds great texture for beachy waves. I have also used this product without any heat styling thereafter and it still gives the hair a relaxed tousled look which I love.


Next I ran the blowdryer near the roots for a few quick seconds, just to give some extra volume at the roots.


I sectioned the top half of my hair to keep it away while styling the lower half.


Starting on one side, I took a 2inch section of hair and wrapped it around the wand away from my face. I kept it on the barrel for a few seconds (about 10sec) then slowly released it.



_DSC7647For the next strand, I took another section and wrapped the section towards my face. Alternating the curl direction and taking random strands will give the hair more body in movement and an overall natural look.


At the end of each side of styling, I sprayed some hairspray (mildly) as my hair dosent hold a curl too well. If however your hair holds the style well, I recommend you skip it so that you can get the wavy look without hairspray. Eventually the curls do fall out to become pretty waves, so don’t worry about it looking  tight initially.


I continued this exact process on the other side of the lower half and then worked on the top half, repeating the same. First away from the face …


Then towards the face …


This is how I hold the curling iron on the top right section, so that the curls fall naturally.


Lastly I ran my fingers through my hair to make it all look more natural and effortless.


And there you have it, loose, sexy and effortless mermaid waves!


Hope you guys enjoyed my hair tutorial, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Also if you liked the dress, you can see more of it in THIS post. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo



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