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It took me wayy too long to share this review for a brand that I have fallen head over heels with, thanks to their fabulous products! Say hello to Biossance Beauty, whose core objective is to help us restore our biological beauty because beauty is in our biology. They use 100% plant derived Squalene (their own patented product) which is the campion ingredient in all their products. For those of you who haven’t heard of Squalene – here is a quick run through. Squalene is a powerful, hydrating natural oil produced by own own body. As Biossance says – Squalene is Biology’s best moisturizer as it instantly hydrates by locking in moisture throughout the body leaving the skin nourished and rejuvenated. As we grow older (post 20’s), the body’s ability to produce Squalene diminishes, hence making skin more susceptible for roughness, damage and dryness. Thanks to Biossance, with their products you can replenish the body with Squalene and the results are seriously beyond amazing.


I was first introduced to the Biossance Revitalizer last summer and have been religiously using it every morning and night. I use a couple of drops and apply it after cleansing and toning on my face, as well as over my body. This weightless universal moisturizer is great for all skin types and even though it is oil based, is is not one bit greasy and leaves a silky smooth finish. I have stuck to this routine for months and can vouch for my skin becoming so much better and noticeably revitalized. This product can also be used on towel dried hair for moisture as well as to tame flyaways and to condition split ends.


Biossance has recently come up with two more products that I have recently added to my beauty routine and am already loving it! The Purifier is a daily cleansing oil that helps remove makeup and other dirt while leaving skin clean, glowy and moisturized. I use this every night and it removed all the makeup and gunk to the tee y’all! The one thing I love the most about it as it dosent feel like a traditional makeup remover and leaves me feeling soft and supple.


The Nourisher is the other new product and I have to say it is my absolute fave! It is a luxurious face oil that also contains Damask rose extract along with squalene. I use it just like the Revitalizer, but only for the face. I now use the Revitalizer for the body and the Nourisher for the face. Again this invisible moisturizing oil leaves my skin feeling supple and radiant. It is also said to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so I am pretty sure I would be using this way beyond my twenties as well :). And lastly how adorable is the packaging of this product – you had me at rose gold dropper!




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