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The most important foundation for any beauty regimen is skincare. I was super excited to try out Bare Minerals new skincare line Skinsorials recently and its safe to say that these products have been imbibed in my daily skincare ritual. The Skinsorials Skincare 3-part beauty ritual is designed to deliver a personal and customizable sensory experience for pampering your skin. Consisting of three essential pillars – purify, empower, moisturize – the collection was created to promote beautifully resilient and healthier looking skin with every use. I was able to answer a quiz online and received these three specific products personalized for my skincare.



STEP 1:  PURIFY  : Pure Plush.



This creamy cleansing foam refreshes the skin while taking away makeup and other impurities. The one think I absolutely hate about most makeup removers is that it leaves your skin feeling dry. The best part about this cleanser that it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and invigorated, while doing a fantastic job of removing all the makeup. I use this twice a day, once in the morning after I wake up and once at night.

STEP 2 : EMPOWER : Skinlongevity 



This amazing Serum is my favorite of the 3 part system. This unique lightweight serum is designed to reawaken and help maintain skin’s most vibrant look of health. After using this wonder serum for just a few weeks, I already notice my skin feeling revived ; it looks and feels healthy and I see a natural glow even with no makeup on! I use 1-2 pumps, twice a day after cleansing my face.

STEP 3 : MOISTURIZE : Bare Haven


This silky and soft moisturizer replenishes essential moisture, reviving overall resilience and suppleness, infusing an extraordinarily super-smooth feel and youthful look. A fantastic moisturizer that works wonders in keeping my skin well hydrated and moisturized. This is my third step in my skincare routine ; I use it twice a day after applying the serum. (I wait a couple of minutes after the serum step to apply the cream). I use a generous dollop of this luxurious cream on my face and neck.


I am absolutely in love with this line of products and would love for you to try them as well! I am giving away one lucky winner a customized Bare Minerals Skinsorials set based on their skin type! And it all comes in this super cute “The Good Stuff” makeup bag. Swing by by Instagram for a chance to enter :). Good luck!


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