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Ever wondered how most celebrities have such flawless makeup that enhances their best facial features? Well hello Contouring and Highlighting, your new best friend in makeup tricks! Contouring and Highlighting creates an illusion of perfect symmetry by enhancing those facial features where the light hits your face and drawing shadows where the light dosent hit your face directly. Thus it gives you the enhanced cheekbone-slim face structure look without too much of an effort.

I had the pleasure to work with Shruti from Goka Love. Shruti is a Boston based makeup and hair artist, but travels all over the country and internationally to do bridal as well as makeup and hair for other events. She is incredibly talented; having her do my makeup and hair was a fun and educational session for me! I always knew how to contour and highlight (like an amateur!) but was keen on learning it from a pro. All you need for Contouring and Highlighting is a Contour/highlight palette, a contour brush and a highlighting brush. Shruti used the Motives Sculpt series palette on me. Keep in mind your skintone while purchasing a palette : the Fire palette works great for warmer skin tones and the Ice palette works for cooler skin tones. If you prefer a powder palette, I personally love the Lancome Subtil palette. If you like using individual products, the Nars Laguna bronzer makes a subtle yet sultry contour and the Nars Copacabana highlighter is one of the most universally flattering highlighter. Also while choosing a bronzer as a contour, do not choose something that is too shiny/glittery!

Contouring and Highlighting is pretty dramatic so you might want to do it only when you go out in the evening or for an event or so. It is usually done after you have done your regular makeup. So its an easy way to transition your day makeup look to a night look. As you can see in the image, Shruti applied the contour i.e darker shade below my cheekbones , on either sides of my nose (to create a slimmer nose), under my jawline ( for a defined jaw ) and along my hairline on the forehead. The highlight or the lighter shade was applied to all areas where light essentially hits my face : the center of my forehead, the center of my nose, on my cheekbones, my cupids bow as well as my chin. After this she used the brushes to blend in everything smoothly until there are no clear lines of the contour and highlight. A touch of blush on the apples of  my cheeks and a matte finishing powder like the MAC studio fix powder, finished off this look.




We hope you found this 101 on how to Contour and Highlight helpful. Feel free to leave us a comment below with any questions you might have. You can also follow Shruti on her Instagram for useful beauty tips.

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