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A quick post on some of my everyday makeup essentials! Since I work from home most days, I am pretty make up free; but the days I step out for work or otherwise this is my go to routine:

1) After cleansing and toning my face, I apply a face moisturizer, followed by a BB cream. I love the Smashbox BB cream, but a good/cheaper drugstore alternative is the Maybelline BB cream.  The BB cream is pretty moisturizing itself, but since I have dry skin I also add the face moisturizer initially.

2)Next I conceal any puffiness/dark circles under eyes and any other problem areas on my face. I feel that the concealer is one beauty product that cant be generalized for everyone; something that works for me might not work for you and vice versa. The best way to find a good concealer is to try them out in stores or get samples home. I have tried many, but the one that seems to work for me is the MAC pro longwear concealer.

3) This is an optional step, but I prefer to pat down a little sheer powder to keep the finish fresh and matte.

4) As for lining my eyes, black is a favorite; but to be honest the color I reach out to the most on a daily basis is dark brown! I love that its still dark and not that harsh. I absolutely love the Stila Gel liner. Its super longlasting and I like the finish of a gel liner better than a liquid/pencil. But again its an individual’s preference! Filling in my brows has become a recent must-do! This was definitely not an essential for me a couple of months ago, but seeing what a difference brow filling actually makes, has made the brow pencil a part of my everyday routine. I usually dont put too much eyeshadow for daily makeup, but if you are looking for a great neutral daily palette, the Urban Decay Naked Basics is an amazing basics palette.

5) Im all about products that achieve multiple tasks; and the Benetint cheek and lip stain is the perfect example of this! The cheek stain makes such a pretty blush giving a very natural and dewy glow. If you want a deeper color dab on some blush over this. In my opinion, I think less is more: I love being clean and simple in my daily makeup, so the tint by itself works great for me. The tint also duals up as a pretty lip stain. The color isnt too bright, so depending on my outfit if I want a little more color , I switch over to a light pink or nude lipstick.

6) Next I curl my lashes and apply 1-2 coats of Mascara. Since mascara has a shelf life of about 3 months, I only buy small sized mascaras( if they are high end) or big sized drug store ones. My favorite high end mascaras are Christian Dior Diorshow and the Benefit They’re Real. As for drugstore options, I love the Maybelline Falsies Volume Express.

7) Lastly : Highlight! I love the little genius of a product : Benefit Watts Up. Apply it in the inner corner of your eyes, bridge of your nose, brow bones and over the cheek bone to give a beautiful finishing glow to your everyday look!

Here are all the details from the pictorial :

Moisturizer//BBcream//Concealer//Powder//Eyeliner//Brow pencil//

Lipstick// Lip and cheek stain//Curler//Mascara//Highlighter

What are your everyday makeup essentials? I would love to know! Share them in a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Essentials

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the BB cream for awhile now! That cheek stain sounds super cool!

    <3 Shannon

  2. Loved reading this post! I have had the hardest time ever finding a concealer so I need to give MAC a try! Have you ever tried the Tarte Mascara in Lights Camera Action, it is my favorite! xo!

  3. Thanks Mckenna! Yes MAC works for me, so definitely give it a try. I lovee Tarte Cosmetics so much, I have to give their Mascara a try :). xo

  4. I love seeing what others use for their beauty routine! You always look flawless, so thank you for the inside look on what you use! I am still looking for the perfect concealer, so I’ll have to stop in at MAC and give this one a try!

    1. Thanks Megan. Me too, I love seeing what others use for their day to day makeup routine. And you look so perfect in every picture! Try the MAC and let me know how you like it! xo

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