Red Lipsticks : Favorites and Tips

As someone once said ” On a bad day, there’s always Lipstick!” I am a huge fan of bright lip colors, especially red; and IMO sporting a bold lip can take a simple outfit to a whole other level.

With Valentine’s day just about a month away, I decided to do a review and tips post on the classy “Red Lipstick”. Red is definitely a bright color and many people shy away from this beautiful shade. I want to first share 4 of my go to red lip shades and then my two cents of tips to get that gorgeous red pout!



1. L’Oreal Colour Riche in Ruby Flame (317) : If you’re looking for a pretty red lipstick without breaking the wallet, this is the one! It has ought to be my favorite drugstore buy. The finish is creme sheen, it has a little shine to it. (It looks more like pink in the picture :(, but I guess thats due to the lighting! In person, its very red.)

2. Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural (N45 Red) : This is an ultra creamy red lipstick and has a soft and satiny finish to it. I find this piece very hydrating and moisturizing for the lips as well.

3. M.A.C  Viva Glam Lipstick : The name says it all! This is a glamorous and classy deep shade of red. Best part about it is that it is very long lasting. It has a matte finish and hence your lips should be moisturized beforehand. Chapped lips are a huge sorethumb for a matte finish . Dont worry tips headed your way in just a bit ;).

4. M.A.C Lady Danger : This is one of MAC’s best selling lipcolors! It is definitely one of my “favorite” lipsticks! I first saw this color on my hairdresser and had to ask her which color she was wearing and had to get it! It is very bright, more like an orangey-red. Makes a fun summer color and a statement lip for a night out in town. It has a matte finish and is long-lasting.


Over the years I have learnt a couple of tips while wearing a bold lip. Here are some of them:


Hydration: You want to always start off with moisturized lips. Any chapstick or lip moisturizer will work. If you have very chapped lips, I recommend a lip scrub. A good home remedy for chapped lips is to use a designated clean toothbrush and rub the corners and middle of your lips every night. Finish off with vaseline. The bristles act like an exfoliator and the vaseline will seal in the moisture overnight.

Lining your lips with a similar shade is very helpful especially for bright lips. I have always debated the use of lip liners, but in my experience they work wonders for bright colors like red. (upper left in picture)

Application: For bright lipsticks, invest in a good lip brush to get clean, neat strokes. This is especially helpful for matte lipsticks, as they tend to clump around chapped edges. Using a lip brush is also more hygienic and has the additional advantage of making your lipstick last longer, by avoiding contact with your mouth directly.

-To get a clean and smooth edge , after wearing the lipstick line your lips with a concealer. This helps prevent the color to leak/bleed around your lips. (upper right in picture)

– To avoid lipstick on your teeth, make sure the inner edges dont have any clumps.

-While donning a loud lip, I play it soft and light on the eyes, to make my lip make a statement by itself.

-Lastly, for matte lips ; a trick I had learnt from a long time back : Smooch a tissue! And then pat powder on the outside to give a beautiful matte look . (lower panel of pictures )

Hope this helps, and gets some of you to step out of your comfort zone and sport a bright lip soon! Any questions? Please feel free to leave me a comment below.

(PS: If you didnt notice, I used the Color wheel in my makeup today ! A red lip, over a blue top 🙂 )

Thanks for stopping by! Mmmuah !





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  1. Such a useful post Jo! I badly need help with picking the right red lipstick, and learning the best way to apply it! Will take your advice, and maybe borrow you on my next shopping trip. 🙂

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